Thursday, April 8, 2010

Best Entryways Ever. {EVER}

Sweet darling readers! My deepest apologies for not posting in so long. We just got back from a great Easter week in Palm Springs. I totally cracked and went for a ridiculously silly outfit for Big Squish...I'll just say smocked rabbits and bright white patent loafers were involved and leave it at that! {Pictures coming soon}

So: poll results! You all want to see a lot of fashion pieces followed closely by a near tie between motherhood & family and design. Rounding out the leaders was fitness & nutrition. A smidgen below that was cooking, then beauty, travel, and home projects. A big thanks goes out to my mother who was the 1% "Other" vote and would like to only see information about Big Squish.

My plan this morning was to write about camel coats and leopard prints {on my radar in a major way for fall}, but I came across the most outstanding collection of foyers on House Beautiful and had to share. Foyers to me are arguably the most important part of a home. Why? You know what they say about first impressions! The entryway is what your guests will see right away, so make sure the furniture, paint color, and seating you choose send the right message. I narrowed it down to my top 10 all time favorites, and I tried to include inspiring images that were easy to replicate on a budget. Enjoy!

So charming.

Relaxed and livable.

Ethnic chic.

How stunning are the bright purple flowers in that lemon yellow vase?!

This combination of sunshine yellow and turquoise
makes me want to do a cartwheel.

LOVE the white-washed wood floors with designs painted on them.
This set up is the epitome of casual elegance to me.

Earthy. Natural.

This room + me in a pouffy bright red taffeta ball gown = heartsies

And my absolute favorite of all time:

Amazingness. You cannot walk into this room and not be immediately transported to Cloud 9. It makes me think of big fluffy homemade marshmallows, beautifully soft and fragrant spring peonies, and delicate dancing champagne bubbles. With neon lightning. LOVE.

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