Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Anthropologie Rugs

Finding a great rug is hard to do, let alone keeping a purchase like this within any sort of budget. This is where the Anthropologie rug department steps in. One of my favorite stores, I have rarely found a rug that I prefer to theirs. I currently own three: one in our kitchen, one in the guest bedroom, and a runner next to the entrance hall, and all of them have held up brilliantly through food spills, babies, and crazy dogs.

Whether you need a small rug for a bathroom or a larger size for your living room, to a runner in front of the kitchen sink or the foot of your bed, I highly recommend scoping out Anthropologie's website. Not only do their rugs wear well, but they without a doubt add that much needed extra special something - and a great burst of color! - to any area of your home.

How beautiful would this be in a cozy living room or study with a pair of brown leather club chairs and a really bright ottoman...yum.

Right at home in a casual kitchen.

Imagine this in a large room with primarily neutral/cream upholstery. Very ethereal.

THIS is amazing. It is made entirely of little tiny pom poms! I dream of having an entire playroom carpeted wall to wall in something along these lines someday.

This yellow, grey and dark purple rug of their more masculine designs. I know there are flowers, swoops and swirls, but this would work so well in a man's modern office...large glass or stainless steel desk, big black leather chair...perfection.
Runner next to our entrance hall.

This one is in the guest bedroom, and unfortunately Anthropologie no longer carries this design. Shame! The bright pinky-purple in it is to die for. Makes me want some Pepto.

And this one. How I ADORE this rug. I originally got it to go up in the guest room actually, but my kitchen counters are a beautiful blue and it ended up working *perfectly* in there. It is a constant hang out spot for all creatures of our household...

Last but not least, the one I am eyeing now...hey Honey, remember how I was telling you how I wanted that bracelet for our anniversary? Yeah I think I changed my mind. My office + this rug = rainbow glitter hearts. Here is the link. Love you too. xx


  1. Yes LOVE these rugs, always a wonderful starting point when designing a room!

  2. Love how you've layered the zebra rug over the bright, patterned one. You have such a great eye, Sheridan!

  3. I've been online searching looking for some eclectic, modern and colorful rugs and these are splendid! I am now going to venture to Anthropologie's website. Thanks :)

    Erica Nowicki

  4. Such colorful carpets! They sure do work awesome in companion with your furniture, but in my case, my colorful carpets are a huge responsibility to have, especially when you have your young cousins and pets running around the house, messes are bound to happen, which is why I know of Portland carpet cleaners that cleans my rugs for a long time now.

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