Thursday, May 27, 2010

Painted furniture...weekend activity, anyone?

Give me a DIY project and I am all over it - everything from building a fort to repairing a fence to patching up holes in a wall - I love all of that, but I especially love the project if it involves painting. Creating art is a favorite hobby of mine and I hardly enjoy anything more than beautifying my home through this median. Unfortunately, I have been so busy since just after Big Squish arrived that doing his nursery was pretty much where I stopped! I have the painting bug in a bad way though, so I am about to embark on some new home projects.

There are so many different options when it comes to sprucing up an old piece of furniture or giving new life to a hand-me-down, and I wanted to share some of my favorite images with you. I hope they give you some inspiration for a new project of your own! Do you like undertaking home projects? If so, what is your favorite you have ever done, or what do you look forward to doing? Look to these photos for some guidance, and then put your own twist on it to make it suit your home and personal style.

Painting Big Squish's nursery ceiling at 36 weeks pregnant. I hired a painter originally {because who in their right mind paints an entire ceiling...full of stripes at that...when 9 months pregnant?}, but he quit after an hour and said it couldn't be done. Too hard to get the tape straight or some baloney like that. Well, now Mr. Painter, don't even think of telling me that something can't be done because I will prove you wrong.

Finished product. The whole thing - measuring, taping, and painting - only ended up taking two days.

I also painted this old chest to match the color scheme. A little sanding, a couple coats of paint and some new hardware later...

Voila! Perfect for all of those extra baby items you never have enough storage for.

All of these images below have been on my computer for quite some time so unfortunately I do not have a record of where they are from. I know I know, I am a bag blogger. If anyone knows where credit is due, please share!

One of my absolute favorites. Everything about this room is amazing to me. The painted floor in four different colors {yes, there are four - very subtle}. The mismatched beds and bedding. The striped nightstands. The imperfections of the entire room make it perfect! I am not a big fan of "matchy" rooms, with regards to both fabric and furniture layout. Anyone with eyeballs can pick out two of the same sofas, same tables, lamps and a rug - where's the fun or creativity in that? Make it special and mix things up. Don't be scared - just go with your instincts!

What I wouldn't give for a bright orange table like this. Sigh. Might have to make this happen somehow.

Another great table option. If a uniform, bright color is too bold for your taste, splash a little somethin somethin on the legs.

Ooooh another favorite. The whole setup is what makes this work though. Electric blue paint - check. Vintage perfume collection - check. Hot pink peonies fresh from my garden - check. Enormously large and cheery photo - check. Very hip lamp, all set against a deep chocolatey purple wall - don't mind if I do!

What a clever way to tie in the color scheme in both pieces of furniture without them being too matchy matchy. Paint the drawers on a chest and the inside of the bookshelves - perfection. If you are feeling energetic, go for the molding as well.

This image {I think?!} is from The City Sage...maybe Pink Wallpaper...oh I don't know! But I am head over heels for the hot pink drawer sides {I mean how cool is that! Gimme gimme} as well as the zig zag yellow floor AND the bright red door. Someone please do this to their house and call me for tea and scones.

Some more bright orange amazingness to close. That could have been the ugliest, oldest, out of date piece of furniture you have ever laid your eyes on. Drenched in orange and as lacquered up as it can get, it is incredible. I heart you shiny drawers.

Have a fabulous Friday and a sunny weekend everyone! Love to all.

xoxo Sheridan


  1. Wow! That is so impressive that you did the ceiling in stripes!! I'm with you in that I love to get my hands on a good project. Faux finish is one of my favorites. I did the beams in our den a few years back, and I have to give it to you - working with your arms up the whole time is harder than it looks! :P

  2. I've finally decided to do the stripes in my nursery (on a wall; not the ceiling). Can you tell me how you went about getting the tape straight? You nailed it, so before I go through hours of trial and error, I thought I'd ask. :) Haley

  3. I LOVE your yellow striped ceiling...come on over and link this up to MMM!

  4. So...funny story:
    I was googling "orange painted furniture" while tossing around the idea of painting a bookcase orange (my favorite color ever) when I came across the above image of the orang table. And said to myself, "oh my gosh, that Susan Jones' house and that's on Sheridan's blog). The orange breakfast room table picture is from a family's home that I am very close to and nannied for for years in Kansas City. Their house is all around amazingness. As is yours. So it's totally meant to be for me to paint this bookshelf orange, right?!!
    Sally (A piece of toast)

  5. TOTALLY meant to be! Orange is the way forward - kind of my life motto :) xx



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