Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How I Wore It: Black Tie + Pregnant...

That doesn't always make for an easy combination. Black-tie maternity wear is lacking to say the least, so finding something that is non-maternity and comes remotely close to looking semi-decent is no walk in the park. Never fear, as Nicole Miller's drapey drape solutions always save the day! I bought this hot pink number last year when I was pregnant with Big Squish knowing I would most likely have the opportunity to wear it again, and sure enough the occasion presented itself {and I loved not having to spend time shopping to find something new...any activity that interrupts my chocolate almond butter eating marathons these days is a bad thing}.

I paired the dress with my turquoise wedding earrings that I wear every chance I get - I think turquoise goes with everything, some fluorescent orange strappy Dolce and Gabbana sandals, and a beautiful satin and rhinestone Prada clutch from Biz that he gave me on our first Christmas after we were married. ps he picked it out ALL by himself with not even a single hint from yours truly! Don't be jealous. Okay okay it's fine to be a little jealous ;)

Dutch, get out of the picture. Biz, flash on.

{p.s. you likey my new drapes?? I DO! Quadrille - obsessed with their entire line - in Kazak...see all colors here}

Still riding the crimped hair wave, and more importantly, apparently no one even makes crimpers anymore {?!?!} so now mine is like a national treasure!

In other news, does anyone know of a Dishwasher Whisperer? If so, please send their number my way as I really need mine to stop doing this:

Last but not least, head over to one of my very favorite blogs, Summer Is A Verb, to check out the sweet feature she did on me yesterday. So lovely and I am beyond flattered!!

xoxo Sheridan


  1. You are seriously the most beautiful woman! Preg and not!!! Love this look!!! poor dishwasher :(

  2. Fabulous!! Always a rockstar!! ; )



  3. Is there a prettier pregnant lady?

  4. Turquoise and fuchsia go together so well don't they.

  5. I L.O.V.E those curtains - truly amazing. They make mine look tame and mine are fairly neontastic. Now if only Quadrille did blog design wrappers I'd HAVE to get one like a shot.

    I know it must get tiresome hearing this - but seriously you are too, TOO beautiful. Can I have your cheekbones - and if I can't have those - then can I have your curtains?! xx

  6. Sheridan, where oh where did you get those turquoise earrings? PLEEEEEEASE!!!

    Laney x



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