Thursday, December 30, 2010

Trico Field

I am considering moving to New York or Beverly Hills purely to be geographically closer to a Trico Field store.


Too many children's clothes are predictable. Come to think of it, most adult clothes are predictable. The same staples day in and day out. "Safe" choices that are classics and make sense. There's nothing wrong with that by any means as classic does not necessarily have to be boring - after all, look how fabulously Ralph Lauren does classic - but there is something wonderful about clothes that are bought just because they are FUN. Crazy. Unexpected. Daring. Different. Those adjectives are extremely difficult to come by when looking at children's clothes....but not at Trico Field.

I think I am so drawn to their styling because it is how I dressed as a little girl. My mom let me dress myself and I would often insist on tying silk scarves all over me, or wearing belts as headbands. I was so ahead of my time ;) To this day I still dress this way most of the time. Biz fondly refers to it as my homeless look. Bless. I prefer to call it eclectic, of course! To see mixed and matched pieces on little ones is amazing and frankly it just makes me happy. Take a look at their fall/winter 2010 shots and I feel certain you will be as hooked and inspired as I am. (How often can an adult say they are inspired by children's looks?! Quite a feat if you ask me).

xoxo Sheridan

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  1. Too funny. Before I read Sheridan's comments I scrolled to take quick look at the photos. I could not believe my eyes - I thought I was having a flashback. These girls are dressed just like Sheridan ... but without 5 silk scarves!



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