Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stepping Into Fall

Happy Tuesday! Head over to Nursery Notations to check out the inspiration board of fall children's clothes I put together this month. I featured Isabel Marant's new line for rugrats - it is wonderful and versatile to say the least! My favorite item in my post is the Serena & Lily puffer backpack. Make sure to have something handy to catch your drool...

xoxo Sheridan

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Treat Sequins Like Vitamins

I am running on fumes after having worked pretty much non-stop during the past two weeks...during nap times, while Big Squish is at weekday school, and far far too late into the evenings. I really needed a little pick-me-up and decided to take a 15 minute break to flip through the premier issue of Rue Magazine online {mega heartsies for them btw}, and towards the end I stumbled across a great list of advice that could very well be the best I have ever read. I mean it mentions sequins so obviously I'm paying attention... ;) I would love to stay and chat about how much I adore sequins, mis-matching, and fake eyelashes, but alas, Excel spread sheets are calling my name. I *did* finally get through my list of 400 buyers though so please feel free to have a complimentary champagne cocktail to celebrate - I insist!

xoxo Sheridan

Monday, September 20, 2010

Leah & Bliss

I have been holding on to that image above for aaaaages {courtesy of style.com}, wondering if the girl in the photo created the beautiful detailing herself, or if the bag was {fingers crossed} available for purchase. The stars aligned today and I found the place to get my hands on one! Head over to singer22.com for a great selection of different bag colors, sizes and stones...plus snazzy bedazzled laptop cases to boot. My favorite is still the one above but alas, it has sold out. Methinks I'll be putting in a special request to Santa this year...

xoxo Sheridan

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Marchesa Spring 2011 NYC

Y'all. SO sorry for this two week posting absence. Reasons for lack of contact are bueno though. In addition to contacting 400 buyers to send my Spring 2011 look books to:
1) I hosted Fashion's Night Out at Neiman Marcus
2) I flew to NYC verrrry last minute for the Marchesa Spring 2011 show.

Both = amazetastic.

There were large shoes to be filled as the second annual Fashion’s Night Out party was held at Neimans here in Fort Worth on September 10. Fashionistas and socialites came out in droves to take part in the global initiative to celebrate and support the fashion industry, and this year’s extravaganza was a massive hit to say the least. Guests mingled over cookies and cocktails – is there any better combination? – to discuss the upcoming fall season and what it meant for the world of fashion. Once the runway show began, however, the ball was rolling, and I narrated the show alongside Neimans PR Director Marjon Zabihi. I selected forty different designers to highlight this season’s wardrobe essentials. The event was a resounding success, firmly setting its place as the one night in Fort Worth - and all over the world! - not to be missed.

Now - Marchesa. Such an amazing time that I can't even begin to say how much fun it was! Thank goodness we did not have to wait in that line. Um, no. One of my friends from college had an extra ticket when her husband decided to opt out the day before {wahoo!}, so obviously I had to go. Timeline: Amy tells me about the open seat, I book my flight at 11am, head to the airport at 3pm, land in NYC at 10pm....zzzz....wake up and head to nail and hair prettiness at 10am, gracefully scarf down gnocchi as I walk down the street at 2pm {yeah I'm kind of an amazing multi-tasker}, throw on outfit and put on makeup to be ready for car at 3pm, show at 3:30pm....take photos, drool over gorgeous gowns, tell Georgina {designer} how amazing her collection is....hop back in car at 5pm, arrive back at apartment to pick up bags and throw on sneakers at 5:30, panic about not being able to get boarding pass for flight at 7:30 out of Newark....driver can't you just go AROUND the cars? Disregard the policeman he doesn't care I swear....arrive at the airport finally {I hate that stupid tunnel}, sprint faster than any pregnant lady has ever sprinted in the history of the world through the airport.....DISTRACTED BY M&M'S! SHOOT! Stupid yellow bags get me every time. Sheridan keep running or you'll miss your flight. Sheridan keep running KEEP RUNNING! Wait...why would I keep running when I can stop and get M&M's?! Psh. Had to get the m&m's....and still made it to the gate with 2 minutes to spare :D

I included some of my favorite pictures of the show below. Loved getting one with Georgina, one of the two Marchesa designers. She was so sweet and just had a little girl a few weeks ago to boot! Doesn't she look outstanding?! {Very bottom pic}

So, please forgive me for the posting gap but it won't happen again....until I get to go to another fashion show ;)

xoxo Sheridan

Outside the Marchesa show in one of my Spring 2011 dresses.
{Style: Georgina, Color: Sugared Emerald}

I know 99% of you won't like this but it is actually amazing.

Someone will definitely have this on at the Oscar's if they know what's good for them.

Georgina and Keren, Marchesa designers, with Natasha Bedingfield.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

First look: Sheridan French Spring 2011

A little sneak peek for you guys...

There are roughly 40 pieces in all and they turned out to be just brilliant!

If you would like your local retailer to carry the line, have them send an email to hello@sheridanfrench.com for order inquiries and specifications. My website will feature all styles, fabrics and color options, and will be up and running very soon so make sure to bookmark it and check back in a couple of weeks!

A huge thank you goes out to Nora, Yara, Libby, Justine, Alexandra, Claire, Betty, Fabian, Martina, Pico, my parental units and of course Biz for helping this come together.

My wish is for you to feel as extraordinary wearing these pieces as I have been enthusiastic in designing them, allowing your individuality to shine through. Pure perfection.


End of Summer...

I have to apologize for my lack of posts as of late. I have been to Rhode Island, California, and Florida in less than one month, and a travel schedule like that on top of work is hectic to say the least! Doesn't leave much time for The Southern Eclectic, BUT I am never traveling again so problem solved.

I was in Florida shooting the lookbook for my clothing line which made that trip amazingly fun! It was extremely last minute as we moved the shoot from Bali to Miami a week before the shoot was supposed to take place, so arranging everything in four days was complete insanity. It turned out beautifully well though and I am so excited to finally be able to show you a little sneak peek....after I catch up up on the end of summer...

We played on the beach...and can we just talk about the matching bathing suits for a sec? Biz picked them out all by himself. Heartsies.

Got super dizzy...
{Baby belly is growing fast!}

Ate lots of sand...

Partially melted as we got off the airplane from CA back in TX... and this:

The 108 temp pic above was taken {on the way home from the airport} about point two seconds before we made a swift exit from the car. Let me explain. This is how it went:

Biz: How did Big Squish get a Larabar all over his arm?
S: Huh? I didn't give him a Larabar.
Biz: Well there's brown stuff all over him. What else could it be?
S and Biz lock eyes. Oh you know what.
S: Well do something!!! It's going to start to stink!
Biz: What do you want me to do?! It's rush hour traffic and everything is in the back of the car!
S: I don't know! Scoop it out!
Biz: With my magic scoop? What the heck?!
S: With a wipe! WIPE! Huggies supreme hefty heavy duty wipes! Stat!
Biz: *commences scooping*
Biz: There is so much it's falling everywhere. It's squishing out his shorts. Like, down to his knees.
S: GAGS x 1 million
Biz: *scooping*
S: *gagging* *trying not to crash*
Clearly this is not working, so we proceed to pull over on the side of the highway, rush hour traffic, 108 degrees outside, to quarantine Big Squish and the entire backseat of my car. A whole package of wipes later, child, car, mom, dad and car seat were sanitized enough to complete the drive home. I'd like to take this opportunity to offer my sincerest apologies to the half of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex that witnessed our doo incident on the side of the highway that day. Sorry! But at least you got a little laugh during an otherwise dull and boring commute home :)


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