Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How I Wore It :: Neve Dress in Sky

It has been FOREVER and a day since I did a What I Wore post. So sorry! My life is officially insane...but what else is new...and time is so limited that I rarely have spare moments to devote to the fun blog stuff. I will do better, dear readers, cross my hot pink heart.

We just had our first Halloween party and Big Squish actually wore his entire costume for a full three minutes while we took pictures! Amazing. I would have settled for 6 seconds. All he talks about is the moon so I decided an astronaut costume would be appropriate. Pottery Barn Kids' finest!

Our weather down here in Texas is still lovely, and I can still fit into clothes from my spring line {baaaaaarely}, so I decided to wear the Neve Dress in Sky. This is one of my favorite pieces as it is so comfortable it's ridiculous, and the contrast between the beautiful blue and bright pink is stunning in my opinion. I also adore the shoulder patches. The fabric is outstanding! Hard to see from the photos taken on this day, so I attached a close up of the shoulder patches from the lookbook shoot.

Belly view...growing by the nanosecond

I also have to share some pictures of Big Squish....enjoying a rare chocolate treat. He doesn't even know what candy or cake is so when we offered up a chocolate cupcake with Cool Whip on top I'm not sure he knew what to think! It was quickly devoured.

I uploaded these to my computer and got so mushy over their cuteness I decided we needed round two of photos. I had some Hail Merry Chocolate Tarts on hand {another blog post in itself on her amazing healthy and raw products - they save my sugar addiction! - check out her site here} and figured that if Squish is going to have chocolate, at least he can have the healthy kind. Again, total shock ensued:

We stayed fairly clean for about 4 minutes, which I feel is pretty impressive.

Aaaaand it hits him :)

That's ok. He took an amazing nap. Totally worth the mid-day wipe down and bath. Happy Wednesday!

xo Sheridan

Elements + Cathy Cross

More fab news: Elements in Dallas and Cathy Cross in Northampton have just joined the retailers that will be carrying my line.

Elements was named by Lucky Magazine as "the store with the greatest selection of hip labels" in Dallas. They have been setting the standard for specialty shopping in Dallas for over a decade now, and always have a fabulous range of clothing, accessories and gifts in store. The gorgeous jewelry and selection of items with sequins on them gets me every time! We all know that sequins are like vitamins, after all.

Cathy Cross is practically a Northampton landmark. She started her boutique nearly thirty years ago {yes, thirty! Talk about staying power!} with the idea that mothers and daughters alike could shop at the store, each walking away with wardrobes that suited their individual styles. Cathy stocks an eclectic blend of contemporary merchandise including everything from jeans to dresses to bathing suits...basically everything your heart could desire!

xx Sheridan

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Eloise + Gramercy Interview

First, check out my interview with Gramercy. They are starting a series on designer interviews and selected me to be the first - so thoughtful! Loving the sweet comments at the end <3

Next, take a look at Eloise. Named after the famous children's books, mother-daughter team Cyd and Amy opened this downtown Charlottesville boutique together - a lifelong dream of theirs. Both are fashion industry veterans; Cyd ran New York clothing stores for years with Amy learning the tricks of the trade by her side. Amy then became director of purchasing for Kate Spade in NYC, as well as manager of their flagship store. Once city life lost its luster she joined her mother back in Charlottesville and Eloise was born.

They will be carrying my spring line and I am thrilled to join their racks. Thank you both!

xoxo Sheridan

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fleur Boutique

I am on Cloud 9 - another amazing retailer is going to carry my Spring 2011 collection: Fleur Boutique, with locations in both Chapel Hill and Raleigh, North Carolina. It is a beautifully put together boutique that currently houses a fabulous range of everything from dresses and skirts to accessories and jackets. Their current collections include labels such as Alice and Olivia, Calypso, Lauren Moffatt, Paul & Joe Sister, See by Chloe, and many many more fabulous brands. What an honor to have my own pieces hanging next to these lines! I just want to fly up there and give everyone a hug. After looking at that shot of the boutique above couldn't you just spend an entire afternoon walking up and down the racks?!

Oh Fleur, I heart you <3

xoxo Sheridan

Trunk Show!

Sweet friends and family!

I have been asked to participate in a trunk show on Monday, November 1st. Details:
- 5348 Quail Run
- 1pm until 7pm

Gavin Smith is also going to be attending the show, bringing along fur galore: fur vests, wraps, coats, jackets and handbags (prices starting at $150), in addition to non-fur handbags, scarves and wraps, as well as novelty jackets and travel jersey separates. Trust me, you do not want to miss this!

Thank you all for your support - see you on the 1st!
xoxo Sheridan

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gramercy Boutique

The latest retailer to get on board with my Spring 2011 Collection is Gramercy Boutique in Wayne, Pennsylvania. I am so obsessed with this place it's not even funny! The first time I looked at the website I was hooked. {But after seeing all of those yummy colors who wouldn't be?! I frankly want to high tail it up to PA just to hang out in front of that hot pink section}

Gramercy was started in 2008 by Khaki Young - of course she is immediately cool because of her name - with the goal of being the go-to fashion destination for clothes meeting all of the following criteria: relaxed, classic, vibrant and chic. She has succeeded with flying colors, already being on the receiving end of much critical success and "Best Of" awards. Khaki hand selects every piece herself which adds to the wonderful appeal of the store, as she insists that each item make the wearer feel special and beautiful.

Make sure to check out her great blog here for lots of style advice and general fashion fun, AND head over to the Gramercy website to scope out the awesome sales currently happening. Seriously, awesome is an understatement - you'll see what I mean when you look at the deals. My favorite: this Madison Marcus vest down to $84 from an original price of $280.

Um, hello! Go forth and shop! {It is a size L which is the only reason I am sharing this information...a S or XS and it would have been my shopping cart before you can blink} Trust me it goes with everything. Buy it.

Thank you Khaki and Gramercy for supporting my line! It is such a compliment to be included in your store with so many other fashionable and chic brands.

xoxo Sheridan

Monday, October 18, 2010

No Holds Barred Color

I have been saving the best of the best for last. My very favorite color pictures of all time. Get comfy because you are really going to want to be able to soak these puppies in! Pure, amazing, no holds barred fearless color!

Why settle for fuchsia pillows...

When you can have an entirely fuchsia bed?

Or even better, fuchsia carpet?!

In love with this little girl's room! I feel like by showing you these I am giving y'all a sneak peak into my dream house. One of these girls rooms will most definitely be in my home someday! I lean towards the Kelly Wearstler sherbet and lavender dream...

A touch of light pink. Lovely, but keep going...

For those of you who want to take baby steps into the world of color, try something like a pair of really bright chairs. On an extremely traditional and classic frame they can go anywhere!

But I still think going all out is the way forward :)

xoxo Sheridan

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Reddish Orangey Coralesque Accents

To continue my posts on color, these are some of my favorite images of throwing in a pop of red/coral/persimmon to enliven a room. You'll see that all it takes is the tiniest touch inside of shelves, on a pillow or ottoman, or a table skirt and you're in business with chic style! I might have just inspired myself! I have a table I need to cover as well as a chest of drawers that needs to be painted....not sure if I am brave enough to do the chest but I think this is exactly what the table is calling for.... {Mom...what do you think? Call me!} An added bonus, and part of why this color lends itself so well to so many rooms, is that it works with ANY other color. Literally. Just run through the rainbow in your head real quick and you'll see what I mean!

Also, some of the most thrilling news I have heard in a absolute favorite stationery store {greeting cards, personalized stationery, custom letterpress, best coffee table books on the planet store}, Byrd & Bleecker, has opened up a new location practically down the street from me! *jig* Their Park Hill shop is still there, but there is now a storefront on Camp Bowie just next to The Original. Now, I don't know about you, but is there any way to better spend an afternoon than hanging out with enchiladas and then moseying on over to chicness galore? Um not so much. Y'all check it out! 4725 Camp Bowie Boulevard + 817.989.1500. Here's a sneak peek pic of the new digs:

Oh AND to boot, Libby, owner of B&B, was just featured in Martha Stewart weddings! Make sure to check out her website and blog, too. FYI Libby is responsible for my logo, website, lookbook layout...everything graphic that has gone into Sheridan French, Libby is behind it. One thing - make sure and have more than a quick 5 minutes to pop into the new shop. Trust me, you'll be sorry you didn't allow for 30!

xoxo Sheridan

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Suzanne Kasler favorite word. Actually "sale" is my favorite wait, "free" takes the cake, but color is my third favorite.

I have file after file on my computer of different rooms, homes, and design ideas that I often find myself forgetting what is actually in the little blue desktop folders. I pretty much haven't been out of bed in over 24 hours {thank you, baby, for sitting on my sciatic nerve}, so I actually had time this afternoon to browse my stored treasures from months and years on end. I came across so many wonderful images full of color that I cannot wait to share with you all! I hope they bring inspiration, or at least some cheeriness, to your life :)

My first set of images to show you are my absolute favorite colored walls, most of them fantastically done in lacquer. Our home now does not lend itself well to lacquered walls but one day, I assure you, I will have at least one brightly colored lacquered room in my house! I am gold....shhhh don't tell Biz...!

These first two images are very soft and not something I would go for personally, but I really do love the feel of them. Very soothing and almost neutral. And check out the ceiling in the first one - very cool!

Now, the fun stuff. I think this library by Jan Showers is my favorite of all time. Dark, cozy and perfectly masculine without resorting to the typical mahogany covered walls with red accents. The navy, deep chocolate brown and avocado all work perfectly together, and I love the accent pillows.

What a great way to add pizazz and sophistication to an entrance hall. The unique thing to me is that the green is pretty much your basic kelly green, which is really not often seen these days. It's all about avocado, chartreuse, deep jade, one goes to the basic palette of your red, yellow, blue and green crayons anymore. I love this though!

Also digging this deep turquoise... almost as much as the navy from the library. I really like that there is NOT a rug in this room! I always love cozy carpets but the shine of the floor compliments the shine of the walls, and the brown wood against the blues and greens helps everything to balance so nicely, yet it all pops out at the same time. Perfect!

Black, white and blue with soft lavender and pink accents. Not your standard color combo for sure but it works beautifully. Zebra skin rugs go ANYWHERE.

And now, pattern! Mega heartsies. Busy patterns actually make smaller rooms look larger, FYI, and small spaces full of crazy prints are one of my favorite things of all time. This room below is not a small one, and nicely demonstrates that, if done correctly, patterns are not overwhelming.

Now, how could you ever be afraid of color after seeing those?! Stop leaning towards muted tones and go for ones that pop. Your home AND your life will be happier, cheerier and brighter as a result - cross my heart!

Have a great week everyone xxx

Monday, October 4, 2010 is live!

Just had to share the amazingly amazing news that my website is up and running and, most importantly, fabulous! It has been live for less than 24 hours so lots of bells and whistles are missing and will be added soon, but go ahead and take a look and tell me what you think. I know you will love it!

After an insanely chaotic weekend, hundreds of lookbooks were stuffed, labeled, sealed, stamped {4 stamps per each book...basically I am an out-of-this-world stamp putter onner and the USPS needs to employ me stat} and mailed. Facebook and Twitter are updated and linked in. Master order sheets were created in Excel {thank goodness Biz is a spread sheet genius and took care of the entire thing for me...all 297 columns I kid you not! I know he secretly looooves spending his Sundays programming formulas into the computer rather than watching football so it's fine}.

Anyway, mama is exhausted BUT feeling great that so much was accomplished. Now, time to focus on Big Squish's weekday school bake sale which I am very much looking forward to :) Granola, chocolate chip cookies and apple pies galore...can't wait to get a cookin'!

I've also been meaning to share a few recent photos including what I think is a good example of how to 1) wear a plain old tank top with 2) plain old leggings 3) whilst pregnant and 4) achieve the holy grail of my life: being comfortable and cute at the same time. Hallelujah!

No idea what happened with the camera here but you can still see the basic idea. This is honestly in the "it doesn't get more simple that this" category. Basic wardrobe staples that everyone has {tank and leggings}, plus slouchy boots, an oversized scarf {not necessary, but we were heading to Colorado so I needed a wrap} and fun accessories = winning and comfy combo. I also found my hair crimper from 5th grade and I'm kind of obsessed. Don't judge. I can't put this in the official What I Wore section because it was just for a short plane ride, but I wanted to show you there is no reason to be embarrassed about not looking stylish if you are leaving the house in leggings and a tank top!

Leaving Fort Worth...

Arriving in Heaven aka Aspen.

Now just a few general pics from life that I have been loving lately...

EVERY time {literally, *every* single time} we get in the car, he starts making faces/screaming/talking about his hands or motorcycles or trucks/laughing hysterically whenever he sees himself in the mirror on the back of the seat in front of him. It is precious and I have yet to get sick of it. Oh wait, well when he started kicking the back of the seat with muddy shoes on the other day, that part was not so hot. But I'm blocking that out :)

And a special one just for Biz because he has been so beyond helpful in doing everything he can to assist in any way with my line. I love you to the moon and back.
courtesy of Sugarboo Designs

Y'all have a great week and remember to check the website, become a Facebook Fan, follow me on Twitter and spread the news!

xoxo Sheridan


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