Thursday, December 30, 2010

Trico Field

I am considering moving to New York or Beverly Hills purely to be geographically closer to a Trico Field store.


Too many children's clothes are predictable. Come to think of it, most adult clothes are predictable. The same staples day in and day out. "Safe" choices that are classics and make sense. There's nothing wrong with that by any means as classic does not necessarily have to be boring - after all, look how fabulously Ralph Lauren does classic - but there is something wonderful about clothes that are bought just because they are FUN. Crazy. Unexpected. Daring. Different. Those adjectives are extremely difficult to come by when looking at children's clothes....but not at Trico Field.

I think I am so drawn to their styling because it is how I dressed as a little girl. My mom let me dress myself and I would often insist on tying silk scarves all over me, or wearing belts as headbands. I was so ahead of my time ;) To this day I still dress this way most of the time. Biz fondly refers to it as my homeless look. Bless. I prefer to call it eclectic, of course! To see mixed and matched pieces on little ones is amazing and frankly it just makes me happy. Take a look at their fall/winter 2010 shots and I feel certain you will be as hooked and inspired as I am. (How often can an adult say they are inspired by children's looks?! Quite a feat if you ask me).

xoxo Sheridan

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Just breathe...

I have officially beaten my record for longest space in between blog posts. Between getting ready for Christmas, prepping Big Squish's new room, moving him in, working on the nursery, and saving the whales I have let my blog duties slide. My sincerest apologies! Unfortunately I do not have a brilliant, earth-shattering or life-changing post to share with you tonight as now that Squish is down for the count the nursery is calling and I must have everything done before Christmas Eve. I do want to share three of my favorite pictures with you, however, that make me happy and keep my head from spinning too much during this crazy time of year. Merry Christmas to all!

p.s. Here is a recipe for some to die for Peppermint Snap Ice Cream Sandwiches that I would be making right now if I had the ingredients. You can skip the make your own ice cream part and just scoop it out of the tub for wonderful and immediate gratification... I speak from experience.

xoxo Sheridan

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Southern Eclectic Gift Guide :: Holiday 2010

You are going to have to forgive me. I started out really focused with this gift guide. Something for moms - check. Something for husbands - check. Something for myself - check... check... check... check... Oops.

I can explain.

I got carried away at Tiffany's.

It all started out innocent enough. Their website is just too user-friendly and let me click with abandon on everything sparkly! I could not stop! I really really wanted to. I tried to x away from the page. But then I saw the section called "Rings"...which then gave me a choice of how I wanted to search for rings. Harmless, I figured. After all, it was just asking me to browse, not buy. Well I'll just take a teensy little peek. Can't hurt. Let's see... Silver. Gold. White gold....Diamonds.... Uh buh....*drool.* I don't want to get into details, but I decided it was time to step away from the computer when I was curiously seeing if I could add the $6,000,000.00 round-brilliant 18.44-carat flawless colorless diamond in a split-shank setting to my shopping cart. {Don't worry Biz I have to call to order or something lame like that...annoying}

Harry & David Caramel Moose Munch with Milk Chocolate
So delish and perfect for neighbors, co-workers, etc. They will love you forever and then some!

Hail Merry Blonde Macaroons
I am a massive proponent of anything Hail Merry, and these macaroons are no exception. Chocolate macaroons are also an option, as are granola and chocolate tarts to name just a small selection.

Could these be any cuter?! The price can't be beaten either, so you can gift two or three or more. I want I want!

E.L.F. 100 Color Eyeshadow Palette
I thought of my nieces when I saw this. 100 colors of eyeshadow for the bargain price of $10.00!

Stately Styles Sunnies
Stately Styles is a company a good friend of mine started and frankly I think it is genius. The premise behind it is essentially this: monthly subscriptions for goodies like sunglasses to tees to undies, with a new surprise pair arriving each month. He sent me a pair that he had aptly named "The Southern Electric: Get ready to light up the room. One part French couture and one part electric, these Stately sunnies are prime for the dance floor. Behold the belle of the ball!" Love it!!! You may remember me looking extremely cool whilst wearing a pair of neon green Stately Sunnies here.

Yubz Retro Handset
This is also fab. Don't you miss talking on "old-fashioned" phones sometimes? Yubz has created these great retro handsets in a rainbow of colors that can plug into your cell. They also have one that plugs into the computer for video calling. Genius!

We have some of these cutting boards and they are great. There are too many styles to count so there is bound to be something for everyone on your list, particularly grandfathers, husbands and brothers. If they actually know where the kitchen is and will use the board, even better.

Now I have to be honest with you. I am not a huge fan of everything MacKenzie-Childs, but I do love most of the Courtly Check series...especially this cake carrier. Pretty enough to leave out all the time as permanent kitchen decor. Perfect for mom's.

Prada Nylon Tote {Hello diaper bag!}
Also available with hearts as seen in first photograph above.

Oscar de la Renta Coquellage Necklace
There is even a coordinating bracelet and pair of earrings, too!!!!!!! Can you tell this was the one I originally picked out for myself?
The Oscar de la Renta website also has red and turquoise options, but the gold takes the cake by far far far in my opinion.

Frye Studded Boots
Some people get so used to seeing me in bright colors all the time that when winter arrives and my leather jacket and studded gloves become my near daily wardrobe staple, they are often quite shocked. I love anything - including these boots - with a bit of an edgy, rock and roll vibe though, particularly when mixed in with chunky jewelry like that Oscar necklace above. These boots would really get a lot of wear in my opinion - paired with leggings, or tights and a skirt - anything goes!
Same feel as the Frye but on the high-end side. We all know I can't get enough Miu Miu.

Hermes Enamel Bracelet
Great for that extra special someone. I don't know why I am putting this on here as I'm sure husbands are not scouring my blog for wife presents! It is pretty to look at though :)

Jennifer Meyer Pendant Necklace

Ok so you are with me so far, yes? Lots of suggestions in lots of price ranges. But this is kind of where the madness began. I saw that great pendant necklace above by Jennifer Meyer on the Barneys website, then remembered that there were actually some letter necklaces I preferred at Tiffany's:

{I always choose gold over silver}

Hmmm...I wonder what else Elsa has designed....let me search...

And then I just got really goofy............

Tiffany & Co. Sapphire Ring
{my birthstone! Need!}

Tiffany & Co. Diamond Ring

I decided $6 million was a good place to draw the line for a gift guide.

xoxo Sheridan

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Living Room Before and After

I haven't exactly had a lot of free time to decorate ever since we moved into our new house...nearly two years ago. I was almost 6 months pregnant with Big Squish at the time and focused all of my efforts on the nursery. Then I focused my efforts on him once he arrived. Then I decided to start a blog, accept an offer for fashion editor of a magazine, start a clothing line, and get pregnant again. {Clearly my head is not screwed on straight}. So, getting the house put together has been a slow slooooooow process, but I am happy to say that our living room is nearly complete.

This was about a week after we moved in:
Our house before this was very contemporary, so we borrowed furniture from my mother-in-law just to have something to sit on!

And this is now:

I don't know what my favorite part is: the Quadrille drapery fabric, the leopard rug, or the old chair I had refinished to a gorgeous purple lacquer. Probably the chair! Before it was gold and upholstered with a quilted flower print:

The table skirt is makeshift - I am not sure if I want to keep a skirted table or find a console - and we need a tv that hangs on the wall. I would also love an additional set of chairs or some small ottomans, but the room is nearly finished as is and I am so relieved to have this marked off my list!

Bungalow 5 lamps next to a picture of Little Squish :)

There is color everywhere, of course, as well as little hints of Africa and angels. {I love angels}. My favorite is probably an iron Jan Barboglio {also one of my favorite designers ever} angel wing heart Biz gave me for Christmas last year.

Daum purple tulip vase we received as a wedding present. LOVE anything Daum, especially their figurines. So outstanding!

Versace candy dish that matches our wedding china

Jan Barboglio angel wing heart

...another angel... in front of a warthog skull Biz shot in Africa

...and two more angels. The little iron one is difficult to make out;
it is just a small figurine that is flat against the table holding a little pink heart.
The cherub on the cross is from a market in San Antonio.

Inger Jirby is the fabulous artist that created the gorgeous paintings

Suzani rug from Uzbekistan. Right now it is just folded over the arm of a chair,
but I would love to have it framed and hung someday.

Thanks mom for your interior design skills, for putting up with my 15,000 mind-changes and for helping steer me away from making everything florescent. Thank you to my amazingly sweet mother-in-law as well for letting me use and reupholster your furniture!

I am also working on a gift guide, but in the meantime check out one on Nursery Notations. Those Anthropologie bowls are on my list as well! Too great.

Y'all have a great week xoxo Sheridan

p.s. HaPpY BiRtHdAy MoM!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Most Wanted: Bejeweled Gloves!

Can we just talk for a second about how amazing J.Crew is? They could be my brand of choice until the cows come home for men, women and children. The styling creativity in itself is astounding and nothing short of drool-worthy. I had to actually throw their new holiday catalog straight into the trash bin because I didn't even want to be tempted by the gloriousness that awaits me in its pages. Plus, I'm still hanging onto the pages I tore out of the catalog before this one, and I am still yearning for the coolest gloves I have ever laid my eyes on. Yes, gloves can be cool...not only cool, but stylish and chic as well.

Behold J.Crew's glamorous cashmere-lined leather gloves with knit cashmere cuffs adorned with all sorts of hand-applied gems, sequins, and dazzling beads for the ultimate in chic warmth. The cuffs can be separated and worn on their own as a fabulous accessory as they button off to double as fingerless gloves. Modern. Cozy. Perfection. What girl wouldn't love to wake up to these on Christmas morning?

xoxo Sheridan


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