Friday, September 23, 2011

Miuccia Does It Again

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Oh my GOSH I have been the worst blogger! My first order submission deadline is fast approaching so work has taken a front seat this past week, but then the Prada S/S 2012RTW show came along and obviously everything in my life stops in its tracks to pay attention to what Miuccia came up with. 

She did it again. As in, blew everyone else out of the water, created completely unexpected pieces using images that no one else would dream of using, and still made everything look seriously darn good. I mean, 1950s cars? Really?? With rhinestones? Any other design brainstorm session where someone suggested, "Hey! Let's put classic cars on satin jackets with a bunch of rhinestones, and little tail lights on the shoes with some flames thrown in!!" would be fired in a second, but Miuccia is like, "GENIUS! I love it. Let's run with it!" Take a look... 

Can you just imagine how breathtakingly beautiful these pieces are in person? One thing I learned while working at the Prada press office was this: pay attention to what she does people, because other designers will be copying it for years. YEARS. She knows what she's doing {and everyone else knows this, too}. Oh Miuccia. If I could swap my brain out with anyone else's in the entire world, I'd pick yours.

View the entire runway show here on, including the drool-inducing detail shots.

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  1. Very important news for you! Have you seen the Daum/THG collaboration? Jewelry for the bathroom! Made me think of you. Hope your work is coming along well.



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