Friday, January 27, 2012

My Southern Life

Happy Friiiiiday! Excited to share this press piece with you all. Southern Flourish is a great online magazine that is really planting some roots. They are dedicated to the young, chic and modern southerner, and their issues are fun, fresh, and most importantly, fabulous. Every feature begs to be read rather than skipped over as so often happens in magazines, so you can imagine that I was beyond flattered when they asked me to be a contributor this month by giving a peek into a typical day. Enjoy! 

I also loved that I was able to include {just a handful of} my tippy top favorite blogs. They never fail to impress! My "Daily" blog list unfortunately only gets combed through once every week or two if I'm lucky, and of that 40 or 50, if I only have about 5 minutes to hit a few, these are my go-to gals. There are so many more I love {check my sidebar to the right}, but if you haven't had the pleasure of stumbling upon any of these below, make yourself a cup of tea and get cozy. You have some reading to do! 

(sorry they misspelled Kelly up there in the article Cassandra!!, and there should be no e on Blair's name of Atlantic-Pacific...don't we all love typos?! ;)

You all have a fabulous weekend, and head over to read the rest of the Southern Flourish issue! It is their holiday one and I was just sent the images, so it is already dated, but the other features on home decor, recipes, travel, another designer Michelle Smith and more are really fun to comb through. Happy reading and TGIF!


  1. As a southerner myself, I appreciate a new online mag dedicated to showing off successful entrepreneurial women of the south! Thanks for sharing.

    a fellow crossfitter :)

  2. Can't wait to read the rest!! Congrats on the piece about you as well!!

  3. Sure sounds like a pretty amazing life! There's nothing better than a house full of love and children to brighten your day!

  4. Love love love! Blissfully just read the whole thing- love taking a peek into your fun-filled life! XO

  5. Great article - thanks for the sneak peak into your everyday! I was wondering, do you eat the PaleoKits by Steve's Original? I've been dying to try but haven't taken the plunge. Can you recommend?

  6. You're just the cutest! These are my favorite Sheridan posts... the day in the life of. So real and honest. Hope all is well!! xo

  7. Lily - EVERY DAY!!! While I'm pregnant I heat in the oven for a bit, but otherwise I just open and eat and they are GREAT!! I always do grass fed too but the others are good as well. You'll love them!

  8. Amazing, i've been waiting for a stylish southern digital mag to come out! you have a totally beautiful blog and personal style :)

  9. Sheridan i wanted to ask you what your role was at Prada in London? Did you enjoy it? What were your duties in the role? Were you there long? How did the job come about? (I'm a fashion journo student)

    Also, what did you work as (if you did) between Prada and fashion editor/starting your own business?


  10. Hi Emma!

    Send me an email at and I'm happy to answer any questions! XxS.



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