Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Beginning

Happy 2012! 

I have taken a major {and much needed} work/blogging/email/internet break over the past week, and am slowly gearing back up for 2012. I haven't decided anything yet about continuing to work or not, but I am focusing on achieving my absolute happiest self. 

What are your resolutions?


  1. Hi! I've really missed your posts this last couple of weeks and hope that you and your family had a blessed Christmas season and will have a wonderful new year topped off by the addition of your new little one!

    I have spent 2 days on my computer trying to find your iPhone case. Neimans doesn't show it on their website. Would you possibly know the brand name of the case so I could go directly to their website?

    Thank you in advance for your help,
    Pat Burns

  2. Hi Pat! The case is from a couple years ago so I am not sure it will still be around, but the maker is F. Hammann, a leather goods company out of Germany. Here is their website:

    I will email you as well.
    Hope that helps! xx

  3. Hope you and your family had a wonderful Holiday Sheridan!
    xo Sal

  4. I love your blog - the mix of topics, light and serious, and overall great attitude. Since you're still trying to decide whether or not to continue working, but against the idea of full-time help, I thought I would tell you about my experience.

    I was working part-time and had a two-year-old when I gave birth to twin daughters prematurely. And, our family was moving from a small NYC apartment to a big house in Philadelphia. Caring for premature twins is incredibly demanding, and with a two-year-old thrown in the mix I had little choice but to hire help.

    Hiring help was one of the best decisions I ever made. I had always thought that people who had full-time help with their kids must not want to spend much time with their kids. I'm sure there are some people like that, but it certainly wasn't true for me.

    Having a "nanny" (a word I was uncomfortable using for a long while) simply meant that our family life was better for everyone. I had a partner to help with outings with the kids. I couldn't have even attempted most of those outings (mostly parks, kids' museums, parties, movies, etc.) safely without another adult, which would have meant a much smaller world for my children. As soon as you have more kids than you have hands, going out in public can become mostly a worry that you're going to "lose" one of the kids. With help there are always enough big hands to hold the little hands.

    Having help also meant I was less frazzled, and therefore a much better parent. I was able to keep predictable household routines which kids thrive on much better than I would have been able to do without help.

    Our nanny was absolutely wonderful and loved all of our kids and they love and adore her. For the kids, having a nanny was just having another person around Monday through Friday who loved them. For me, having a nanny was having a partner who had the same objectives that I did every day and helped to make them happen. She made all of our lives much more fun, not to mention more organized and settled.

    Obviously, the person you hire is the most important thing. But there are so many loving people who are fantastic with kids and would love to go to "work" every day where they are greeted with smiles and hugs and are part of a family. I hired somebody that my husband and I really liked, who loved kids, and had a wonderful attitude about pitching in to any project - she would do things like help me re-organize our basement when kids were napping!

    Since all of my kids are in school now, we no longer have our wonderful nanny at our house every day. She still comes to babysit on weekends, I think more for the benefit of the kids than for my husband and me. She is still like a member of the family and all of our lives were enriched, and my children much better cared for, as a result of having her with us for the first few years of the children's lives.

  5. Maggie - I wish I had your email address to thank you for sharing that! My issues with hiring full time help are certainly that - my issues. I have grown up with a lot of friends who's mothers were/are absent and they were raised by nannies, and that was of course the mom's choice (and I know I would never be that mother), but that is why I have reservations. Fear. Justified or not, it is something I will have to get past in due time! Then, when I do have someone here so I can work or run errands or just have a break, I feel nothing but guilt which, again, is my own demon. You can be my counselor ;) Thanks again for sharing - I really appreciate it! Warm wishes to you and your family for 2012! xxSF

  6. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my blog, Sheridan.

    I think I need to backtrack to understand your comments regarding working. I'll get back atcha. :)



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