Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Just had to share these shots of some special brother time that I caught last week. Melts my heart! Squish and Snooze {though given his size, I'm considering changing his name to Smash...} are 35 months apart. Do y'all have boys that are super close despite an age gap? 


  1. My boys are five years apart, but have a lot of fun together. My Dad and his brother are also five years apart and have always been very close friends. I think of them when I look at my boys. :)

    You have precious children!

  2. So sweet!! We have three boys ages almost five, two and a half and five and a half months. My oldest and youngest are soul mates I swear. When we brought Isaac, our youngest, home from the hospital in June he immediately responded to Jude (almost five.)Anytime he talked or walked by Isaac would turn towards him. Now they lay side by side on the floor and have the best 'conversations'. Isaac loves his other brother Phin too but he and Jude are inseperable!

  3. That is a bond likely never broken. Enjoy every moment! franki

  4. oh my god that is the cutest, sweetest thing I have ever seen! you have beautiful boys!


    PS: If you have a second I’d love it if you could come and enter my giveaway with Rent the Runway!

  5. Beautiful babies! I wanna kiss those round tummies!

  6. Sweet boys you have!

    My family is very similar--6 yr old son, 19 month old son, with a disasterous (in a good way) 4 year old daughter sandwiched in the middle.

    Love your blog, Ashley Callen (

  7. My boys are 3 years and 6 weeks apart and are best buddies. They are ALWAYS together and love each other very much. They are 5 and 8 right now so I am hoping they will stay this close always! They also have a little sister that is 3 and she tries to hang too but it makes me want to have another girl to even things out...almost;)



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