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Make Your Own Baby Formula :: Video How To

I am very excited to be sharing this with you all! This is a raw cow milk based formula recipe via Weston Price. Breastfeeding is ALWAYS best, but, in some instances, it is not an option.

Before you stop reading, did you know that more people get sick every year from pasteurized milk than raw milk? TRUE! Of course more people drink pasteurized milk than raw milk, but that statistic is based on percentages within each group so it is an accurate reflection. If you were not aware of that, I'm glad I have your attention! Keep reading, even if you are out of the infant stage and have older children.

This formula is far more nutritious than ANY formula you can buy in the store, and extremely simple and quick to make; it takes about 7 minutes start to finish. Completely worth the minimal input of time and effort so your little peanut doesn't have to consume store bought formula, but even better because your baby will be getting all of the benefits of raw milk.

Link to recipe on Weston-Price website:
Though sometimes that link will not work, so here is another source:

To buy ingredients:

I run through this quickly at the beginning of the video, but if you aren't interested in watching it, it is certainly worth repeating here. From the time of Hippocrates up until WWII, raw milk was used as a healing food because it has such powerful medicinal properties for curing health issues and chronic diseases. Unfortunately this knowledge has seemingly been lost today.

Cows grazing on grass in pastures

Store bought milk HAS to be pasteurized because of the cow's it comes from {see photos below}. These cows are bread to have enlarged pituitary glands in order to produce 3 to 4 times more milk than they are physically supposed to be capable of. In order to get this level of production, they are not left to graze in pastures on grass, but rather given massive amounts of soy based feed {soy is a whole other issue - DO NOT eat soy and please don't give your babies soy based formula!} These cows also must be on antibiotics full-time in order to keep them well in these conditions. We do not want to be drinking milk from those cows - yuck!

Although pasteurization kills all of the bad parts of that milk, it also kills the vast majority of the GOOD parts. Once milk is pasteurized it becomes a dead food. What does that mean? I'll start with what I think is the BIGGEST HEALTH MYTH that people have come to believe:
  • Calcium from pasteurized milk is nearly completely insoluble! Over 90% of calcium in pasteurized milk cannot be absorbed by our bones. This is a FACT and there is no way around it. Pasteurized milk has about as much calcium in it as a piece of cardboard. If anyone has told you to drink your milk for calcium, you need to start doing your own research, and begin to consider getting your information from another person or source. Leafy greens and grass fed meat are the absolute best sources of calcium out there. 
  • Nearly all of the Vitamin C is destroyed.
  • The Vitamin D is destroyed, and a synthetic form of Vitamin D that is a known toxin to our liver is added back in.
  • The lactose becomes beta-lactose, which is what people become allergic to {you will most likely not be allergic to raw milk!}
  • BGH {bovine growth hormone} causes an increase in IGF-1 {insulin related growth factor} which survives pasteurization and can be directly absorbed into our bloodstream, especially in infants. IGF-1 can promote the transformation of human breast cells to cancerous forms, and promote progression of already cancerous breast and colon cells. 
  • And many, many more changes that occur lead to allergies, heart disease, osteoporosis, cancers, etc., which can be read about at the links below for more in depth information. Generic Google searches for dangers of pasteurized milk, why to avoid dairy, etc. will turn up a plethora of additional articles. Make sure to read numerous articles from several sources and not just three or four.

Any person or website that says there is no more of a benefit from drinking raw milk than pasteurized milk, or encourages you to avoid raw milk, has been grossly misinformed, has failed to educate themselves on the benefits of raw milk and dangers of pasteurized milk, or is not putting the health of you and your family as their top priority. As I said above, that is a big clue and major red flag that you should cause you to question where you get your information from and start doing your own research. YOU are the only person that can be relied upon to always put the health of your family first, and the facts on how awful pasteurized milk is for our bodies cannot and should not continued to be ignored.

Here is a great article on the health benefits of raw milk in general:

TONS of info on raw milk:

Now, to find CLEAN raw milk, which is key, view a list of sources here:
There are wonderful dairy farmers all across America that take great pride in keeping their animals clean,  healthy and happy! We love supporting them and their efforts :)

Even if you are out of the infant stage, it would be wise to at least stop buying pasteurized milk {and pasteurized milk products like cheese, yogurt, etc.} for your family. If you do not want to drive out to the country to get raw milk, there are far better choices such as almond milk and coconut milk {make sure they do not contain carrageenan}, available at every grocery store these days from Whole Foods to Wal-Mart. As I said above though, please do not consume any soy products. The links to infertility are numerous, astounding and awful, which is even more reason to definitely not give your babies soy based formula. Yikes!!

Last but not least, to easily make homemade whey:
{I make mine monthly in bulk with roughly 1/2 gallon of raw milk separated into three glass jars, and have best results for purposes of this formula when I separate around the 24-36 hour mark}

...and finally, 101 uses for soured raw milk:
Pasteurized milk becomes a serious food borne illness risk once it has "gone bad", but raw milk is still an incredibly nutritious food with even more health benefits once is begins to turn. Amazing, right?

For those in the Fort Worth area, I personally use All-Natchur-L Farm outside of Cleburne. It is about an hour drive from west Fort Worth. I always take the kids with me because they love seeing all of the animals, and we generally hang around to eat lunch while we are there. Here are a few photos from last time we went out in early November:

The amazing thing about these farms is that they work on an honor system. Everyone is always out working hard doing whatever needs to be tended to, so all of the milk is kept cold in a large refrigerator for people to come and go as they please throughout the day to pick up. There is no need to call ahead and give notice; you simply drive there, get however many gallons you would like, write that number down and the amount due, and leave your money in the jar on the table next to the fridge. They also generally have farm fresh eggs and raw milk cheese and butter available - YUM! {Have you ever researched egg farms, or looked into what actually constitutes "free range" by government standards?}

Squish hauling our milk around to the back door to put in the freezer :)
NOTE: Since you will most likely buy multiple gallons at once, when you defrost them, leave the gallon on the counter in a dish covered with a thick rag for about 24 hours and then move it to the refrigerator.

I hope I have opened the door to a whole new world for you and planted a seed so that everyone gets to exploring!!! Have a GREAT weekend, and please, feel free to leave comments below with any questions. I will answer as many as I can!


  1. What a great post!

    Just curious, do you drink the raw milk?. Since I've been eating Paleo I have stayed away from milk and milk products.

    Love the "out takes" at the end of the video. ;).

  2. you rock, big time! what a great post!

  3. Questions, how do you serve the formula? (Heated, cold, room temp?) what is the smell and taste like? And when you are out and about do you take a bottle already made?

    Side note: while doing I research I saw this article, what are your thoughts?

  4. CC ~ I do occasionally. Paleo does advocate no dairy, but for the purposes of the book, Robb is discussing the detrimental effects of pasteurized dairy. Raw milk and pasteurized milk are TOTALLY different foods.

    Alicia ~ Thanks! :)))

    Samantha ~ I serve it warm. Slowly on the stove is fine! It tastes just fine - not sugary like store bought formula, of course, but much like the milk base. There is hardly any taste added with the oils. When I am out I heat it ahead of time if we are going right to our destination, or use a transportable bottle heater.

    On the article - I am glad you posted that! I do not follow a Weston Price diet, but I agree with much of what the foundation says. It IS out of step with modern nutritional science - just look how backwards the food pyramid is! - so it will naturally receive a lot of criticism. The article states that the WP diet is dangerous and deficient, leading to reduced brain function and cancer, when in actuality it is our current recommended eating that leads to such an obese country, explosive numbers of children with ADD/ADHD and autism, and a plethora of other health concerns. People do not switch to WP or Paleo to lose weight, but rather to gain health. There are literally hundreds of thousands of cases of terminal stage 4 cancers being eliminated the second grains, wheat, beans, dairy etc. are cut out, as well of cases of autism being healed in months after 10 years of difficulty simply by drinking raw milk. HUNDREDS of cases. Pasteurized milk does all the things he states in the article, whereas raw milk does not. Based on overwhelming research on the detrimental effects of store bought formula, to say that store formula full of HFCS in particular is better than raw cow milk is completely nuts.

    Raw milk is a great source of iron (though nothing is as good as red meat). Pasteur. milk has very LOW iron, and even removes iron from our blood. Small children need tons of iron, which is again the irony in having kids drink their milk! Raw milk has 194% more iron than pasteur milk. The phosphates destroyed in pasteur milk that don't allow us to absorb the trace amount of minerals left in the product are alive and well in raw milk, and all the iron, calcium etc can be absorbed.

    As far as dangers from eating meat, all you have to do is look at what happens to foods when they enter our bodies. Protein is the ONLY food we cannot live without. Beans, a source of veg. protein, are toxic in their raw forms. Rice, wheat, grains, oatmeal, pasteurized dairy, flour - ALL turn into sugar once they are in our bodies. High quality grass fed meat or wild fish are the only things our bodies thrive upon. We NEED the fat to survive and thrive. Low-fat diets do nothing for our health other than kill us, cause disease, infertility, and a host of other issues. Disease thrives in an environment full of sugar, so if you eliminate the foods that cause increased insulin production, the disease starves to death and literally cannot survive. Hence, why cancers are eradicated simply by removing certain foods from one's diet.

    I could go on and on :) but I hope that sheds light on a bit of what you were asking!

  5. Thank you for this.

    On another note, did you follow ezzos babywise method for any of your kids?

  6. My great friend emailed me this because we love your blog and agree with you 100%. I love your boldness in telling truth..... keep shouting it from the rooftops. By changing one can change one more down the line... and one more down the line..... :)

  7. We are in the DFW area and buy our milk from a different farm, but I had a question for you...I tried freezing my raw milk, but instead of doing what you suggested, I just transferred from the freezer into the fridge and it did not do well at all...curdled....ugh. Is that why you suggested leaving it out on the counter for 24hrs?

  8. Anon - I loosely did BabyWise. I always fed them when they were hungry, but tried to adopt the principle of schedules as that helped both me and the kids (knowing when they would eat, sleep, play etc. - helped me plan our days better, and we were ALL more rested!) I think BW can be taken to an extreme which I don't agree with personally, though parents have to do whatever they feel is best for their child and family!

    Ashley - Mine has never curdled, though I have never transferred directly from freezer to fridge. I keep it in covered to keep the enzymes in tact as it thaws, and apparently the taste is better, and the butter fat mixes better, with more rapid thawing. Here is a little excerpt from

    Freezing puts raw milk products to sleep and has little effect on the important health benefits that raw dairy products provide. Enzymes and bacteria are fully active when they awake after thawing. Some vitamins are reduced by trace amounts after being frozen. The flavor is sometimes slightly affected by this and is not always apparent. All OPDC products may be frozen. Placing the frozen product in warm water to cause thawing. Milk should be shaken to mix up the butterfat after thawing. Warming the product to room temperature just prior to drinking will also make the fat blend in better with the milk (if it has clumped or separated during freezing). Some consumers report that rapid thawing of frozen raw milk makes for better taste. To do this place frozen milk container into warm water for an hour and then place back into refrigerator when thawed and drink it in the next two days for best flavor.

  9. Sheridan, I thought you were pro breastfeeding exclusively for one year? I ask because reading your post about breastfeeding and your regrets with your first two babies is one of the reasons I was so adamant about ebf my first child. It was encouraging and eye-opening! Thank you! He's now 7 months and I have no plans of stopping, though this recipe is intriguing and tempting to try....

  10. "Store Bought" Formula is the most highly regulated product on the planet for a reason- everything in it is calibrated to provide your baby with all the right vitamins, minerals and correct amount of macronutrients. I am a little concerned about the "sources" for a lot of the information on this post, and can only advise that you speak to your pediatrician and/or a registered dietician before serving your child "homemade formula".

    1. anonymous! I had to respond to you. Store bought formula is not as regulated as you think. First of all, it most often contains corn syrup, GMOs, and synthetic vitamins. Secondly, formula ingredients only need to meet Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status. That is a term that means safe for the general population, not for infants who are a vulnerable population. Furthermore, it is up to the manufacturer of the formula to declare their ingredients safe. There is no independent agency required to check them out.

      Commercial formula does not have living organisms such as probiotics, prebiotics, and living immune cells. Added probiotics are usually found to be dead when testing is done, because of the high heat and processing involved in making the formula.

      Commercial formula usually have sugars like corn syrup that cause blood sugar spikes and crashes. Also, they break down into glucose and fructose which we don't want our babies having. Why not just give them soda pop?

      The nutrients that are in formula often block each other. Reading the can of formula, there appears to be many nutrients (synthetic though), but they block each other's functions and therefore baby is getting nothing out of it. Minimum nutrient standards are set but no testing is done to make sure the minimums are reached considering combinations of nutrients. Often adding nutrients causes ripple effects in nutrient absorption that are very complex.
      Plus the high heat of making commercial formula damages nutients and proteins.

      Commercial formula also has no cholesterol which babies need for cell membranes, nerve transmission, and brain development. Mother's milk has a lot of cholesterol.

      The FDA does not approve infant formuala before it is sold to the public. The FDA must only be notified before a new formula is introduced.

      Can we talk about contamination? The CDC has found perchlorate in baby formula, which is toxic to people, and used in rocket fuel, for example.

      I am willing to bet that you have no idea about how baby formula is regulated, you are just assuming it is. Why do we assume the baby formula manufacturers have our best interests at heart. Each generation is getting more unhealthy and the life span is decreasing. I will trust my mind and my skill to make baby formula and to understand it's nutritional value more than I trust some mega corporation. If you want to trust the mega corporation, that's on you.

  11. Jennifer - YES! Breastfeed for two years if you can! Unfortunately not everyone can make it to the 2 year mark, the 1 year mark or the 8 week mark, even with the best of intentions, so I hope this offers a better alternative than store bought formula.

    Anonymous - I understand your concern, but when pediatricians give insane recommendations, like making the basis of our diets whole grains...which are one of the primary causes of gut irritants...which we now know is where all disease begins and stems from...that raises a flag for me. Similarly, when they recommend a baby growing on food which is primary sugar, followed by HFCS, another red flag is raised for me. There are MUCH better ways to get vitamins, minerals and macronutrients without drinking sugar-laden formula. Although the government recommends it, and pediatricians recommend it, their current food pyramid recommendations are so out of whack - scientifically proven to be out of whack - this is where I believe I can make the best decisions for my family, rather than listening to what "they" are suggesting for me. I base it on facts and facts alone.

  12. Sheridan,

    After your diatribe on the Importance of Breastfeeding, it really surprises me that you are now encouraging women to use formula, albeit made in a mother's own kitchen.

    There is NOTHING wrong with this, of course, it is just your flip-flopping from issue in an equally fervish pitch that is a bit irritating. I am sorry to be so brash.

    Of course I can certainly stop reading if I am that off-put. It's just that I like you! You have such a creative and fun spirit! But I really do not enjoy how aggressively your present your ideas, particularily in such defensive tones and divisive modes of expression.

    There is some quotation from Benjamin Franklin regarding the art of the rhetorical argument, and I wish I could remember it now . . . it is something about leading by example and not diatribe; to consider all sides of an issue as you gently incoorporate the angle you feel is most viable.


  13. Iris, Of course you are entitled to your own opinion, but my post on breastfeeding was far from a bitter attack (those that disagree with whatever debatable subject I post typically take that view though, so I am used to it by now!); rather I presented information that I do not feel is readily available or as known as it should be. I am not encouraging formula use and never said that ONCE in this post, however some women are unable to breastfeed or flat out choose not to. In those cases, I love giving them an alternative to store bought formula!! xxS.

  14. Informative post! Suggestion for a future one: the evils of anti-bacterials in everything from hand soap to high chairs and the wanton misuse of antibiotics (to compensate for insanitary raising/handling/slaughter and growth enhancement) in our food supply...are you SURE you're not a liberal Madame French ;-)?

  15. Thank you for this post. I am right with you on how you think and feel on everything! I just had my 2nd little boy at home. I enjoyed my homebirths and smiled politely when people questioned my sanity. We are crossfitters, paleo-eaters, and Jesus lovers. I don't do immunizations of any kind and I visit the Chiropactor on a daily basis. My children were even adjusted a few hours after birth. I swear and know enough about physiology to know that this is the reason why my family is healthy. I also just want to present info that people don't know and I often get backlashed at. So I am writing to tell you to keep posting hot topic info. You never know who will see it and it will change something for the better for them and their families. I'm praying my 3 mo old can nurse till he's one, but my milk dried up with my first at 5 mos. if my supply doesn't stick around I'll be using this post to help make my formula. I didn't know enough the first time around and resulted to using formula bought at the store till he was 11mos and then went on coconut and almond milk. Now he really doesn't drink any type of milk. He doesn't prefer it. Anyway, thank you for being outspoken. Your fellow Texas girl (north Dallas) doesn't think your crazy and congrats on making educated decisions for your family! At least you weren't too lazy to look it all up, study it, and make a decision for yourself. Have a great day!

  16. The outtakes at the end are my favorite...for those of you who have never met Sheridan, that is what she is like about 90% of the time! Hysterical!!


  17. Anon - Laughing!! Not a drop of liberal blood in my body though :) I believe states should be in charge of making laws for anything related to health and wellness, NOT the federal government. Sadly, with Obamacare now a guarantee, our sick-care system (because we do not have a healthcare system), in an attempt to cover more people, will only get worse and worse, leading to sicker and sicker, less education and information, and a general collapse of the entire system.

    Amy - THANK YOU. I LOVE reading comments like that. Just last week I received an email from a mom who had read my post on a home birth and decided to do a drug-free hospital birth for her son. I was in tears!!! It really inspires me to continue when people reach out to me, telling me that their eyes were opened simply because of a little blog post I did. Ah-mazing. Gives me the chills. Thank you for writing and you have a great day too!! ps Wish I had time to be adjusted daily!!! Send some of that over here will ya ;) xx

    Melissa - smooches. I love you :) Squeeze your fat dogs for me xoxo

  18. Hi Sheridan! I enjoy reading some of your health "tips" and appreciate your take on health as I too am somewhat of a health addict. I also 1000% agree with you politically. It's so nice and refreshing to see a blogger who stands up for what she truly believes and simply states the facts!

    However, I'm a little confused about the cows milk... I thought I read here a while ago, "Do not drink cows milk!! Cows milk is meant for baby cows!!"?? I have always felt so badly for the poor cows who are pumped full of steroids and put on horrible milking machines; especially after learning from multiple sources that cows milk was meant for their babies- only. We buy our milk from Trader Joe's (their cows are not treated with hormones etc)... but I've felt guilty about drinking milk ever since!

    I am super happy that you are providing people with an alternative to store-bought formula. My baby(thankfully)never had to drink formula. However, we did get free boxes in the mail and I was appalled when I looked at the ingredient list!! What in the WORLD is up with people consuming SO MUCH High Fructose Corn Syrup!?! I cannot believe "they" are trying to start babies on it so early. Whew.

    I enjoy your inspiring blog! xo

  19. Julia - I know, can you believe the ingredients in baby formula?! Blows my mind. At the end of the day, cow milk is for baby cows, just as breast milk is best for our babies. In that post, I should have gone into more detail about raw milk vs pasteurized as I did in this one, as that was more of a blanket statement regarding store bought cow milk since that is what the vast majority of people drink. We aren't physically meant to drink cow milk (and we are the only mammals that consume any other animal milk after birth), but it is better than many alternatives. Most people drink raw milk for the jam-packed nutrition in it and to get the fat and calories, but again I believe there are fine sources from foods like grass fed meat, wild game or wild fish, that give you the same benefits. You COULD survive and thrive on cow milk as I stated in the video, however you could also do that from grass fed meat etc. and at the end of the day, that is a better alternative for humans. Does that clarify some?? Hope so! xx

  20. Thank you for the great post, Sheridan! As always, it is thought provoking and informative. I really enjoy your blog.

    I just wanted to comment on the post by Anonymous November 26, 2012 10:29 AM who stated that " "Store Bought" Formula is the most highly regulated product on the planet for a reason- everything in it is calibrated to provide your baby with all the right vitamins, minerals and correct amount of macronutrients."

    Really, the first ingredient in many formulas is high fructose corn syrup. You believe that your child "needs" HFCS at birth(or ever)!?

    I encourage this person, and everyone, to think for yourself and do your research (as Sheridan does and thoughtfully shares with us) and NOT always listen to the "regulators," as these formula companies are NOT all looking out for your child's best interests. The major brands are all corporations who control Washington and what they "recommend" we eat for a healthy diet (and put in your child's formula). It is hard to believe that the scientists and nutritionists recommend the ingredients in "store bought" formula...if it wasn't due to politics and money. I would recommend reading The China Study, which explains further about the authors attempts to help change Washington's policies on nutrition recommendations, and why it won't happen.

  21. Hi Sheridan,

    Thank you for the interesting post. I am hoping you can offer some guidance on cow's milk alternatives for toddlers. I am still nursing my sixteen month-old a couple times per day, but am interested in weaning her within the next few months. I am looking for alternatives to cow's milk because she is violently allergic (she breaks out into hives all over her body and starts wheezing...scary). All the coconut/almond milk I've found in the dairy aisle has carrageenan and a million other ingredients I can't pronounce, which I don't they have very low fat content. The canned organic coconut milk has fewer ingredients, higher fat content and no carrageenan, but doesn't appear to be BPA-free, so that also makes me nervous. I want to make sure she is getting plenty of healthy fats and nutrients, but also do not want to still be nursing her when she's starting kindergarten! Do you have any suggestions?



  22. Hey Vanessa!

    Is your 16mo allergic to raw cow milk? I can understand that reaction to pasteurized, but it is very rare to be allergic to clean raw milk. The HEB brand almond milk does not contain carrageenan if you want to go that route, but almond milk does not have a high fat content so it is far from ideal. Native Forest canned full fat coconut milk is BPA free! That is what we use. Mix 1 can with 1 can water, and we keep it in a pitcher in the fridge. You really can't beat it!!! It is available for order online if it is not available at your local grocery (Central Market here carries it and I imagine Whole Foods does as well). Hope that helps! xx

  23. "There are literally hundreds of thousands of cases of terminal stage 4 cancers being eliminated the second grains, wheat, beans, dairy etc. are cut out, as well of cases of autism being healed in months after 10 years of difficulty simply by drinking raw milk. HUNDREDS of cases"

    Sheridan, I'm sorry, but you really do have a terribly bad habit of saying some rather inflammatory things and you never cite them. You must realize that it's pretty hurtful to say something like that, without even citing a source, when so many people have lost loved ones to cancer. Saying that if they had just quit eating bagels, they'd be alive is fairly cruel.

    Honestly though, between this nonsense and your obvious views on vaccinations, I don't know why I even tried discussing politics with you (in an attempt to just get you to see where the other side was coming from, not even in an attempt to convert you). Confirmation bias. That's all I'm saying.

  24. Ok, so that's not all I'm saying after all. When you read things like the quote above, do you question them at all? Do you look at the source? Do you seek out opposing studies? Please, read this. The whole thing. It refutes (with cited studies, which you can go back to and look at for yourself) everything that you said about pasteurized milk being cardboard, devoid of nutrition, causing more food borne illnesses etc..

  25. Hey Suzy :)

    I truly wish I had time to cite or could even remember each and every case I have read about diseases being cured that were previously diagnosed as terminal via eliminating certain foods from the diet, but I have been researching wellness for nearly 6 years now and, although my brain is pretty darn good ;), it's not that good! Any information I present on my blog is gathered from numerous sources - hundreds of books, journals, or articles I have read myself, or from personally speaking to the patients or doctors.

    I have read countless articles on the FDA website about milk, and I disagree with all of them based on facts presented in other studies and medical journals. Another commenter said that the FDA more closely regulates baby food than any other product; I doubt many people have heard the news story that just broke yesterday about toxic levels of aluminum in baby formula. The FDA can regulate as much as they want, can say something is as safe as it possibly can be until they're blue in the face, but I do my own research and make my own decision based on the information I gather. I ALWAYS read as much as I can on both sides, whether it be about education, nutrition, politics or vaccinations, as that is the only possible way to make an educated and informed decision.

    If you think this and my other views are nonsense, you are more than welcome to unsubscribe.


  26. Hi Sheridan,
    So excited to try this for my 5 month old to supplement breastfeeding when I am working. Question didn't include the 2 tsp cream that WP recipe calls for. Is it ok to omit?


    1. I never include because I don't think there is a benefit to the pasteurized dairy. If you can find or make your own raw that's great! To get the fat you can just give them coconut oil if you would like :) xx

  27. If Suzy comes back to read the comments here:

    I have to say, Sheridan didn't say cancer could be cured by people not eating bagels. Taking things out of context is what hurts people, not true scientific facts.

    Sources you can look up on terminal cancer being cured by real people changing their diet can be found by searching Lorraine Day and Rock N Wellness. They are people who are surviving today because they took matters into their own hands and didn't just "eat" what the docs "spoon fed" them. It may not be as simple as a diet change but it is ignorant to assume that every person can be cured of cancer by this method, just as its ignorant to assume it doesn't work.
    Regardless, Sheridan isn't purposely hurting people's feelings. Death is hard. It hurts. But why not channel that energy into maybe helping others learn how they can possibly save themselves or others from passing away too.
    Lastly, to all people who are putting this blog down or lashing back at Sheridan simply because she is doing something differen then the mainstream is absolutely absurd. This is why it's America. For a little bit longer at least we have freedoms and your negative comments are useless.

  28. Thanks for the post. I am a firm believer in breast feeding, but my second child was born two months premature. Through the NICU stay and other such things we did not get to breastfeed like in a normal situation and consequently he refused to breastfeed after a while and I could never get him going again. I pump breast milk, but I can't get enough using a pump for his full needs, as he is approaching five months old and takes a lot of milk now! I use this formula to supplement. I put half breast milk and half home made formula in the bottle and I will keep doing that for as long as I can make milk and get it out with a pump. But I am very glad to have found this formula a while ago so that I can give something wholesome instead of canned commercial formula. I am also a believer that people are smart, and should not just trust the government and corporations to make decisions for us. Being able to use this formula helps me feel better about feeding my boy. Now I don't have the guilt I had about commercial formula because I am still doing the best for him that I possibly can.

    1. Becca that is great!! All we can do as mothers is do the best we can, and I am so glad you are making your own formula :) Keep up the great work and blessings to you and your little peanut!!! xoxoSF.

  29. hello Miss French! :) How long can you keep the formula refrigerated? Do you make it daily? Thank you for this post. Your efforts are greatly appreciated! God bless you!

    1. It makes about 32 ounces so I make it once a day and used nearly all of it!



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