Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Color Crush :: Electric Blue

Electric blue might be my favorite color of all time. Sure, I love neon pinks and highlighter yellows and blindingly bright lemon lime greens any day of the week, but electric blue goes with EVERYTHING.

Blue in general is a shade that truly works with any color of the rainbow (so nice of God to make sure the sky compliments everything ;) and of course, as far as I'm concerned, the brighter the better, so bright blue takes the cake. In both home and fashion, it just works! 

Sofa that needs recovering? Blue. Skirt you love but not sure what color? Blue. Shoes that work with every outfit in your closet? Blue. Walls that need painting? Blue. When in doubt - go blue!




{an old how i wore it from london when i was 3 months pregnant with munch}


{momentary pause to not only notice electric blue is one of Kate's fave colors, but how excited are you that they are going to have a baby royal?!?!!!!! YAY!}

{denim with elec blue and those awesome wellies = double amaze. i think she is one of my long lost bffs}

{way cooler than i am with her pointy point glasses}

{mahogany and blue velvet and acrylic chair? don't mind if i do!}


{fluoro pink AND elec blue is basically life changing and causes my brain to work like einstein}



  1. OMG Sheridan... I am right there with ya. These images make me drool. LOVE electric blue.

  2. yes! electric blue makes my heart skip a beat. miles redd does a fabulous electric blue!

  3. excellent post! one of the best yet!

  4. Wait a minute- you left out Carries apartment from the Sex and The City movie!!! Possibly my favorite blue to ever be used in a decor scheme, I plan on doing it myself one day!!!

  5. a touch of electric blue in rooms look so nice=)

  6. The electric blue and white theme looks refreshing in the bedroom. But I prefer relaxing colors in the living room setting.



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