Monday, January 30, 2012

Blush Pink

What color comes to mind when you try to picture something soothing? I asked that of myself today as I sat {sit} in bed with a backache to rival all others, and the first shade that popped into my brain was blush pink. It surprised me, actually, but as I searched around for the hue I actually felt better. Sitting beneath falling cherry blossom petals wouldn't be all that bad right now....

Friday, January 27, 2012

My Southern Life

Happy Friiiiiday! Excited to share this press piece with you all. Southern Flourish is a great online magazine that is really planting some roots. They are dedicated to the young, chic and modern southerner, and their issues are fun, fresh, and most importantly, fabulous. Every feature begs to be read rather than skipped over as so often happens in magazines, so you can imagine that I was beyond flattered when they asked me to be a contributor this month by giving a peek into a typical day. Enjoy! 

I also loved that I was able to include {just a handful of} my tippy top favorite blogs. They never fail to impress! My "Daily" blog list unfortunately only gets combed through once every week or two if I'm lucky, and of that 40 or 50, if I only have about 5 minutes to hit a few, these are my go-to gals. There are so many more I love {check my sidebar to the right}, but if you haven't had the pleasure of stumbling upon any of these below, make yourself a cup of tea and get cozy. You have some reading to do! 

(sorry they misspelled Kelly up there in the article Cassandra!!, and there should be no e on Blair's name of Atlantic-Pacific...don't we all love typos?! ;)

You all have a fabulous weekend, and head over to read the rest of the Southern Flourish issue! It is their holiday one and I was just sent the images, so it is already dated, but the other features on home decor, recipes, travel, another designer Michelle Smith and more are really fun to comb through. Happy reading and TGIF!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Color Crush...Purple!

If someone asked me what's the one color I could live without, I'd probably say purple. I'm not sure why though; I am typically drawn towards warmer colors like orange and pink, but after seeing these pictures, I feel like I should consider it as an accent color more often! I love that it can be very soft and subtle or extremely bold. Do you decorate with purple or tend to steer clear? 

Images via

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Most Wanted :: Spring Wedges

Image courtesy of

I tend to shy away from wedges because, for me, they are a bit tricky to walk in. {Anyone else have this problem or do I just have two left feet?} I think I could forget my shortcomings when it came to these beautiful Balenciaga's though. Then again, for $935, I'm not so sure! They are just a casual shoe, after all, BUT they could be worn with every single piece of my spring collection. Would it be a bad business decision to NOT buy these? Hmmm... ;)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

McDonald's Health Warning

A friend of mine sent me this recently. I feel like people know not to eat at McDonald's, but it doesn't seem like that knowledge of the poor nutrition stops them from lining up in the drive thru. I know that sometimes when the babes are screaming and you're willing yourself to not strangle everyone in the car, a Chick-Fil-A stop may happen {trust me, we've all been there} but my concern is that many parents do not even stop to think, hey, is this healthy? Should I be making a better choice here, if not for myself, for my children? 

What do you think of this warning? Will it change anyone's habits, or are people just too lazy to make lunches, cook at home, bring homemade snacks in the car and flat out eat healthier? Discuss....

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tony Duquette for Coach is LIVE!

I have been waaaaaitng and waiting and waaaaaiiiitng for this day for many moons now. Seriously, I set an alert on my iCal so that I would remember to hit the net as soon as I dropped Squish off at school. Iconic jeweler Tony Duquette's estate {Tony himself passed away in 1999} has designed a limited edition jewelry collection for Coach and it is FINALLY available online. NOW! Look. How. Gorgeous...

The items were all inspired by Tony's archives, which have been drawn upon for years by artists, interior designers, museums and the like. If you dig exotic jewelry, sunbursts, malachite accents and enamel and jewel tones out the wazoo, figure out a way to head over to Coach's website to scoop up some of these precious pieces before they are sold out. 

The prices range from $48 - $648 and include everything from charm bracelets to rings to clutches to lengthy pendant necklaces, featuring hand-cut glass and semi-precious stones, so there truly is something for everyone. Invest! If you can't find what you are after online, the collection will hit stores in early February. Which ones will you get??? How on earth can we narrow it down?! 

I think the most fun part for me is that this is very un-Coach; they have always aimed to be simple and classic, rather than ostentatious. I don't typically shop at Coach, so it will be interesting to see if the usual Coach customer is drawn to this, or if they will garner a new clientele with this new direction. 

Images courtesy of

The best part is that these can be worn with basic tees and jeans, along the lines of the casual style of the model above, or dressed up with cocktail attire. Melt.

Perfectly over the top. Heartsies.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Casa Sugar Feature :: House Tour!

Hey guys! SO EXCITED to be featured on Casa Sugar today. Have you ever visited? What a fabulous, fabulous site. They did a little house tour and were such a pleasure to work with. Some of the photos have been on here before, but others are new, so head over to check them out! Here are some snippets from the interview:

CS: What initially drew you to this house? 
SF: We bought it from some friends of ours, and every time we visited it was like being transported to another country. You feel as though you're in the French countryside the second you enter the gate and see the house, and that feeling becomes even more pronounced when you come inside and see the thoughtful details. 

CS: What is your favorite room in the house? What is your favorite thing to do in that room?
SF: My favorite room in the house...gosh...I would have to say our kitchen. We spend 90 percent of our time in there as a family and so many fun memories are made in that space. Blowing bubbles before school at 8am, chocolate almond butter smeared all over the ghost chairs, coupled with the gorgeous antique backsplash and special touches - it's a very homey atmosphere. 

CS: How would you describe your personal style?
SF: Totally nuts! I could never pigeon hold my style into one single category. I don't even think eclectic covers it! I'm just all over the map. I will say that rooms always have to feel comfortable and fun.

CS: Do you have a rule of thumb for layering patterns?
SF: No. Should I? Oops... I think it's so easy to say, 'Never do this, never do that,' and then sure enough, you come across a room where leopard and tartan are combined beautifully with some chevron thrown in that just works. So never say never! I think everything can go with everything if you put the right spin on it. Perhaps not trying too hard is key. 

CS: Tell me the story behind these objects.
SF: My faith is the most important thing in my life, and these pieces are a collection of items given to us over the years or ones that I have acquired. The metal box with the cross was given to us by some dear friends when we moved in as a housewarming present. The metal heart with angel wings was a present from my husband last Christmas, right before our little girl was born. The angel made of wire is my mother's, and I found the two crosses scouring through markets of San Antonio. The metal pieces nailed to them are called Milagros, which means miracles. They are small religious charms featuring anything from saints to body parts to houses that all offer specific blessings. I have several more pieces throughout the house - they are my absolute favorite things and I love introducing people to the stories behind them. Very special. 

CS: How do your Southern roots influence your style?
SF: I think being from the South makes me yearn for that closeness and comfort within every room. Family is always number one, and along with that comes the camaraderie of our communities; you want to spend time with each other, talk about your families, really have personal connections. I think a room can conjure up those feelings...or not. I certainly know if a room leads me to feel welcome, as if I could just plop down on the sofa with a warm cup of tea, or if I'd better stand so I don't mess up the pillow arrangements. I choose the former! 

Head on over to Casa Sugar to see the great photographs they featured and to check out the rest of the interview. It was so much FUN to work with these gals - thank you for the great piece! 

P.S. I keep forgetting - we need to decide what happens now that the 1000 follower mark has been hit! This is AWESOME! Ideas welcome :)))

Monday, January 16, 2012

Golden Globes 2012 Best Dressed

Did you all watch the Globes last night? I did not, but I did check in on the fashion {I have only ever cared about the red carpet arrivals!} and there were not many disappointments! So many unique styles and personalities shined through, and I really feel like we got a taste of everything from vintage chic to full on drama. There were seriously so many fabulous looks, and below is just a small selection of my favorites. Reese Witherspoon took the cake in my opinion, but I don't think she has ever made a misstep. Heartsies for Reese. Who's ensemble did you admire the most? I wouldn't say no to any of them...


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