Thursday, March 22, 2012

Do vs. Don't :: Draperies 101

I came across this photo on Pinterest a while back and it is a simple yet fabulous illustration of how to properly hang draperies to make both a room and window appear larger. Just look at the difference! ALWAYS have the rod hung at the ceiling {well, with normal ceiling and window heights, but there is always room for re-evaluation here}, and if you can have the inner edge of the curtains hit the outside of the window while open, that helps enlarge the window tremendously as well so it won't feel closed off. Double doors don't call for the width aspect as much, but single/stand alone windows are a must for this method! Helpful, right?! Happy hanging!

Monday, March 19, 2012

How I Wore It :: Rainy Days

As I look out the window right now it is nothing but pure sunshine {well, a few rain clouds are looming} but last week it was a different story with super chilly weather and lots of rain. 

Shirt - J.Crew :: Scarf - Etro :: Jeans - Gap Maternity :: Wellies - Storm Wells
Necklaces - Monogram : Max & Chloe, Arrow : Concierge Couture, Chain Link : Gift, Long beaded - Bali
Left Arm Bracelets - Chain Link : Grandmother's, Rope : Noir, Acrylic : Burberry
Right Arm Bracelets - Chain Link : Free gift with purchase at Neimans ;) , and other one is actually a wrap around necklace. Not sure what brand! 
Watch :: Michele Gold Deco with diamonds
Umbrella:: Scalamandre
Purse :: Prada

Excited for the sunshine - cannot wait for the pool to open! Once I put on a bathing suit I am sure my excitement will wane drastically, but there's nothing one of my Swim Tunics can't fix ;) Happy week! 

Friday, March 16, 2012

Hair of the Moment :: Braided Tie Back

Image via Pinterest

I am head over heels for this cute and simple {seemingly...} hair style! Has anyone tried something like this before? I get the feeling my attempts will never look as great as the photos above..... Perhaps some weekend practice is in order!

Also head over to Amber Interiors Blog today. She is doing a cute series "Babe Behind The Blog" and graciously asked me to participate. Amber also recently opened an online store with some fab pillows that are super funky and fun if I do say so myself. Check it out! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Traditional Home Feature!! Eeeekk!!!!

I. Am. So excited. 

Traditional Home did a feature on me in their April 2012 issue! TH is truly one of my all time favorite home decor/lifestyle magazines - I have read it for years and years - and it is such a special treat to be included amongst all of the wonderful features this month. If you don't regularly read the magazine, start! This is the only image I have of the piece right now but I'll try to get a higher quality one stat and share with you all. Here is a close up for better reading:

So this is officially what Cloud 9 feels like!! :D It is available on newsstands now, and you will love everything in the issue. Invest! THANK YOU to Traditional Home for doing this feature - I am beyond flattered and tickled pink. So very thoughtful. xxx

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pattern Crush :: Chevron

Although I am always a fan of going for unique when it comes to interior design, there are some trends that suck me in so deep I simply can't get enough. Suzani, lacquer and sunburst mirrors are just a few, but the pattern that I think I will be forever head over heels for is chevron. Thick, thin, black and white or neon yellow, I am completely smitten and can't wait until I have a chevron floor one day. The BEST part of this pattern is that not only does it look fab on walls, ceilings, drapes, chairs, doors and pillows, but you can smack it on a wedding cake, shower invitation or any item of clothing. Sign me up! And p.s. can we please just talk for a second about the cookies image at the very bottom?! I think a chevron party is in major asap and I'll get planning!

{this one is my FAVORITE}

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Piece Of Toast :: Guest Post

The lovely beyond words sisters, Sally Ann and Molly {you know they're cute as pie with names like that}, behind A Piece of Toast asked me to participate in their cute "She Wishes She Was Wearing" series. As if I would say no! Frankly I wish I were wearing anything with a waist right now....

These gals and I became mega Twitter buddies during the last season of the Bachelor, and I have a feeling once Emily steps in as the new Bachelorette our Twitter relationship will be rekindled in a major way. Their blog is *wonderful* and they always feature the most beautiful images of everything from dresses to birthday cakes, so of course I was ticked pink to contribute. Head on over to see how I responded to their Questions of Style and to scope out their blog archives. I know you will adore them as much as I do! 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

So Fine :: Lavender + Gold. LOVE. NEED.

This might be too crazy for some of you all, but I can tell you that if it were hanging in my closet I would wear it every single day and twice on Tuesday. 

Heartsies times eleventy billion. 


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