Thursday, May 31, 2012

You're So Not Almost Ready for a Baby, Even If You Think You Are

Snooze has decided to make a mockery of his name and is also quite confused about which month it is, as apparently he has decided to give up sleep for Lent. 

I am reminded of an article a friend sent me last week and this seemed a very appropriate time to share it. I was doubled over laughing as I read my way through it. The full article is here, but here is a paraphrased version below... 

Look, you're not ready to have a baby. 

You're probably in your late twenties or early thirties, and you've gotten some stuff figured out, and now you're pretty sure you're "almost ready" to have a baby. But a baby is the ultimate, cosmic limit-tester of all ultimate cosmic limits, and no matter what you do to prepare, you will still find yourself thrown for a loop. 

You think you're ready because you have a dog? Ugh, sorry, but no. If you want your dog to help you prepare you for an actual human baby, it only works if you have the worst dog in the universe. It has to be, like, only trainable on Thursdays and it must never eat the first three types of food you offer it. Doesn't sound like any dogs I know! 

If you want to get ready for a baby, take my advice, and do the opposite of fun stuff. I'm not saying babies aren't fun, but it's not the kind of fun for which you need any practice. In fact, if I were selling my own Baby Squad Fitness Program for Actual Baby Readiness, it would come with the following drills/regimen for the entire year prior to conception. (Yes, conception! Yes, a year! Not doing anything fun while already pregnant is not actually all that hard and therefore not true readiness training).

  • Practice wrestling a large, slippery fish three times a week.
  • Wake up every two hours at night, punch yourself in the face, walk around for 28 minutes pleading in gibberish. Go back to "sleep." Repeat.
  • Socialize with friends in 18-second increments.
  • Practice asking for the check, boxing up your food and exiting a restaurant in under sixty seconds - two bites into the meal.
  • Watch 38% of any film or television show. Never see the ending or resolution.
  • Read the same three paragraphs of a novel once every two weeks; fall asleep.
  • Shower every three to five days, but only for two minutes.
  • Hire a makeup artist to make you look up to 10 years older. Look at yourself in the mirror, then laugh, cry, laugh, cry, laugh, cry. Do not go get a drink
  • Pack two additional bags of random stuff to carry with you every time you leave the house.
  • Stand around a tennis court and catch fly balls with one hand for two hours a day while also preparing a peanut butter sandwich.
  • Practice wrestling aforementioned large, slippery fish, then dress it in seasonally appropriate outfit, including hat and/or jacket. Then go back, remove all clothing, and apply sunscreen. Re-dress fish. 
  • Make 24 hours of baby-crying audio. Hit play the moment you take a phone call, fire up your computer, or begin speaking any sentences to another human that contain important or useful information.

I can speak from first-hand experience, all the above only scratches the surface.

But then you realize you have a BABY...and you are a mother...and who cares if you're not ready? It's all worth it.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer SALE! 20% off ANY order!!

Hello friends! 

After this weekend I am officially geared up for summer {we lived at the pool from Friday - Monday...and I drank far too many Arnold Palmer's...YUM} and decided a Summer SALE was in order for everyone!! I most likely won't do another sale until the fall {and only if I have any inventory left...we're already super low} so make sure to take advantage of this and get your hands on the goodies while you can! 

Happy shopping!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day Inspiration

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Hope you're taking some SF with you wherever you are going :))) 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Color Crush :: Orange

In light of the new addition to our family, my already limited time has been cut even further. Thankfully, my right-hand gal on Team SF has stepped up to the plate in a major way, and is creating awesome inspiration boards like crazy! She has been posting them on my Facebook page {so make sure you Like us to be kept abreast of everything!} and I am going to start posting some on here as well because they are so great. Head over to Facebook to see all of the products listed above :)

Don't you just LOVE this shade of orange?! Obviously I do...especially in the gorgeous Andrika dress. Dressed up for cocktails or dressed down for lunch with the girls, it is one of my very favorites to stay stylish this summer!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Think Happy Thoughts

I'm trying...I'm trying... 


Although going from two kiddos to three has been WAY easier - like, light years easier - than going from one to two, the time thing - or lack of it rather - is pretty tough to take. How do I balance having no time to do anything for them or with them individually? How do I have time for ANYthing anymore?? I feel like I am always making food, changing diapers, chasing a child, putting someone in time out, nursing a baby, wiping dirty faces and hands, and I have more, "Is that chocolate or poop?" moments than I can count. Scene in our kitchen this morning. True story. I'm nursing baby, Munch is slapping him on the face with her chocolate almond butter encrusted hands (still crusty from last night...who has time for baths anymore?), Squish just tipped out of his chair and apparently re-sprained his ankle, both older ones want food, so I'm trying to not drop the baby (he's already learned to latch on for dear life), get plates and forks from the cabinet and drawers, heat up turkey, cut turkey, peel peaches, pour glasses of coconut milk all with one hand, fend Squish off of the prunes (he loves prunes...not really a great thing mind you...our toilet looks like a paintball war zone), all the while wondering when the next chance I will have to use the ladies room alone is. Probably in the year 2027, and I'm sure even then a dog will be lying at my feet. 

Oh....and then there's What is that again? And my poor neglected blog. Le sigh. At least I know it gets easier!

Without further ado, allow me to introduce the newest snuggle muffin of our family, Snooze:


Less than a day old and already loved up <3
(I love that Squish is covered in mud, paint, worm guts, who knows what else and is smearing it all over Snooze. Oh how different life is for a third child compared to the first!)

I am in disbelief when I look back in my car and see this. It definitely takes a good 24 hours to load everyone up.

Our past two weeks in a nutshell

I absolutely LOVE this photo. Just a little snapshot that offers a glimpse into every day life. Nothing fancy, but very special.
My three angels. Heaven on earth.

Ok, now I have major happy thoughts. Heartsies.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pool Time!

All I can think of right now in my sleepy-eyed state is lounging by the pool {with a non-post baby perfect bikini bod, of course} soaking up some rays. One of my favorite Pinterest boards that I compile images for is The Backyard because it takes me away to my own special la la land of lovely outdoor spaces, and fuels my dreams of a perfect tan. Below are some of my favorite pools.... Speaking of, how about my house for poolside margaritas at 5:00? {That is probably a tad too ambitions and I apologize if I'm already asleep for the evening when you arrive...}

In my head it's Friday...Happy Weekend! ;) 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Mallory Family

I have wanted to write about this family for a while now, but every time I sit down to type their story my eyes fill with tears and no progress is made. But finally, here we go...

One of my sweet friends here in Fort Worth told me recently that her closest friend's husband was in a motorcycle accident on March 31, 2012 leaving him paralyzed from beneath his arms down. Cassandra and Auston Mallory, and their adorable son Tripp, are suddenly dealing with a life-changing situation that no one ever imagines they will find themselves in. Cassandra has started a blog - the Auston Mallory Benefit Fund - to record what their days are like, and after reading the posts start to finish, what I am most moved by is her unwavering faith in God. 

"It's crazy the things we take for granted each day. Before this, I would have never thought twice about thanking God for the ease at which I can blow my nose or sit up in bed but now I find myself thanking God for every little thing. I know that what happened to my sweet, amazing, caring husband is a terrible tragedy and the hardest thing that we have ever had to deal with but I thank God every single day that Auston is still with me. I thank God that he still has the use of his big strong arms to hold me close to him and to scoop up his son and love on him. I thank God that he still has the use of his brilliant mind and still has the same gentle heart and soul. So, when people ask me if I'm angry with God for letting this happen, I tell them no, it has just given me more things to be thankful for."

............ If that does not display strength beyond description I don't know what does. 

If you have the time, I encourage you to spend about 30 minutes reading through Cassandra's posts. Tears will be brought to your eyes, but moreover you will be moved and inspired by her and Auston's courage and strength. This is truly an instance of helping us remember to appreciate the little blessings in life that are actually the biggest blessings of all and, as Cassandra says, that we so often take for granted. 

I did not post about this with the aim of asking for donations for their family, however I have decided to mention it as there are so many unexpected expenses that come along with an event like this that every little bit helps. Living expenses while at the rehabilitation facility, a home that must be updated for wheelchair accessibility, new transportation and numerous medical expenses are just a portion of what the Mallory's are now facing. If you wish to donate anything to the family, simply go to the right hand side of the blog and do so via the PayPal link, or mail a check to the address shown. I know that Cassandra, Auston and Tripp would appreciate anything. If you are unable to contribute monetarily, I know that including them in your prayers would be just as meaningful. I am sure that any encouraging stories about those who are told they will never walk again...and that end up proving everyone wrong...would be extremely uplifting for them to hear as well. 

I will be praying for a miracle <3

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

The best day in the world as far as I'm concerned! I hope you all have a wonderful and special day being loved up by your families tomorrow :) 

I am so excited to show you the photo above as well, taken just a few hours before I became Mommy to #3! It was taken (by the amaazzzzing birth photographer Lynsey Stone - click on her name to view her Facebook page) during labor when contractions were about 4 minutes apart. I can't wait to tell you all about the entire day - it was incredible beyond description - but for now I will just give a major thank you to Hypnobabies. I owe my beautiful, easy, comfortable and joyous home birth to them (well, and also Biz, and my midwife, and doula :)

Happy Happy Mother's Day to everyone! Go hug your babies!

p.s. You all know how dearly I love our Pit Bull Emmaline, so I have to share this sweet story about a Pit that rescued her owner from an oncoming train. So touching <3

Friday, May 11, 2012

Amazing Mother's Day Commercial

One of my friends sent me the link to this commercial a few days ago. It is entitled, El Mejor Trabajo del Mundo. My Spanish is a little rusty, but I believe that translates to The Best Job in the World. 

I would have been crying my eyes out if I weren't postpartum, but couple that with the hormones jetting through my body right now I put Niagra Falls to shame as I was watching it. This is such a beautiful and powerful commercial that will touch the heart of every single mother {and grandmother, and father, and anyone else...} that watches it. It really shows without any words how special mommies are and why, although impossibly difficult and overwhelming at sometimes, every sacrifice we make for our children is more than worth it. I'm literally crying again as I type! You will love it. Everyone have a gorgeous weekend and HAPPY EARLY MOTHER'S DAY!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gwyneth's goop + Paleo

Do you subscribe to Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle newsletter, goop? I really enjoy reading what she puts out there, but her latest nutrition post in particular was AWESOME. Gwyneth used to be a massive proponent of the macrobiotic diet as I am sure many of you know, which essentially involves eating grains as a staple food and avoiding processed foods as well as animal products as a means of combating cancer. (So, aside from the processed food bit, the exact opposite of Paleo!) 

Gwyneth was diagnosed with osteopenia at the age of 37 (basically osteoporosis), along with the lowest Vitamin D levels her doctor had ever seen, and after such a shocking health report like that she began making changes in her diet. Which brings me back to her latest goop nutrition post entitled "A Better Breakfast"...where she mentions...PALEO! I am going to retype a lot of what was said below, and for the full post click here. It includes many more recipes which, although are not 100% Paleo, are definitely better alternatives to the majority of what most eat for breakfast and are certainly worth looking at. 

"A Better Breakfast"

A recent and very in-depth food sensitivity test revealed that I am sensitive to dairy, gluten, wheat, corn and oats (added in by SF: we all are, hence the resulting disease that stems from all of those food items), making breakfast all the more challenging. I turned to physician Dr. Frank Lipman of the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center for some ideas. Here's his take on the matter.


Reinvent Breakfast by Dr. Frank Lipman

"Do you ever ask yourself why you are virtually comatose at the desk by 10:30am, even though you actually ate breakfast? Chances are you were barking up the wrong nutritional tree.

If your breakfast is usually a bowl of cereal, pancakes with sausage and syrup, a bagel and cream cheese or a blueberry muffin and a cup of coffee - your first meal of the day is going to be a mostly nutrition-free affair. Sure, these are all edible, but in reality, they're a hormonal roller coaster waiting to happen - not much more than a pile of nutritionally-bankrupt, heavily-processed, appetite-stimulating and weight-inducing empty calories.

Like putting cheap, low-octane gas in a high-performance car - sooner or later, your body is going to be sputtering. The flour, even whole wheat, in a bagel or muffin acts just like sugar in your body - it revs you up, but is followed by a crash and then the craving for more sugar. So, you grab a coffee or some more carbs for another rush - and another crash. Welcome to the world of energy spikes, crashes, cravings, ups and downs, and never mind the jitters. Sound familiar? Eventually you deplete your adrenals and rob yourself of your remaining energy reserves. There has to be a better way to start your day.

As a nutrition-minded physician, I am militant about starting the day off right - which means a better breakfast with a nutritional boost of healthy fats and protein and without sugar, wheat, gluten or dairy. This could do wonders for your body. And while most of us know that sugar is bad for us, we forget that bread (and wheat in particular) and dairy aren't doing us any favors either. 

To get the absolute best breakfast for your body, you've got to rethink it: nix the wheat, gluten, sugary carbs and cow's milk. Upgrade to a breakfast that will nourish and energize your body with protein and good fats (added by SF: I put that in bold as even people that believe they are eating Paleo do not understand the concept of eating a lot of protein and fats. Simply cutting out dairy, rice, grains, beans and sugar will not help you gain the full benefits of Paleo, and understanding that is a fundamental element of the science behind it). Start your engine and keep it humming all morning with one of my nutritionally-dense, healthy, satisfying and quick-to-prepare breakfast ideas."

Veggie Omelet
Omelets are a great platform for so many nutritious additions. Any combination of healthy goodies are like chopped spinach, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, kale, mushrooms, asparagus and onions, will add tons of nutrients, taste and density to your breakfast - so much more than any bagel ever could. Serve with 1/4 avocado and some greens on the side to slip in a few healthy fats, magnesium and veggies into your day.

Makes 1
  • 2-3 eggs
  • olive oil
  • 1/2 c chopped vegetables of your choice
Crack the eggs into a small bowl. Add a pinch of salt and pepper, and beat well with a fork. Put a small frying pan on low heat and warm 1-2 teaspoons of olive oil, letting it spread. Add your eggs, making sure to spread them out evenly in the pan. When the omelet begins to firm up, but is still raw on top, sprinkle over the veggies of your choice. Cook on low heat for 1-3 more minutes with the veggies incorporated. 

Using a spatula, gently lift the edges of the omelet until you can ease the spatula underneath and then fold the omelet over in half. When it starts to turn golden brown underneath, remove the pan from the heat and slide the omelet onto a plate.

Paleo Bread
  • 1 1/2 c blanched almond flour
  • 2 T coconut flour
  • 1/4 c golden flaxseed meal
  • 1/4 t celtic sea salt
  • 1 1/2 t baking soda
  • 5 eggs
  • 1/4 c coconut oil
  • 1 T honey
  • 1 T apple cider vinegar

Place almond flour, coconut flour, flax, salt and baking soda in a food processor and pulse the ingredients together. Add in eggs, oil, honey and vinegar and pulse. Pour batter into a greased 7.5" x 3.5" loaf pan lined with parchment paper. (added by SF: using a non-stick pan is also suggested but the non-stick material contains carcinogens, so I personally do not use anything non-stick) Bake at 350*F for about 40 minutes. Cool and serve.

Whey-based Protein Smoothie
"I know what you're going to say: whey is from diary. But it is the casein or lactose in dairy that causes problems, not the whey, so most people tolerate it quite well." (added by SF: Pasteurized dairy has un-absorable calcium in it. Yes that is a FACT which should get you to question why any doctor or nutritionist would recommend it for strong bones..?! Even so, meat is a far better source of calcium than dairy. And please, don't even start thinking about drinking anything soy based or giving soy to your children. It is TERRIBLE for you!)

Blueberry Avocado Smoothie
Makes 1
  • 1 Recharge packet or about 3T whey protein with about 1T of a greens powder mix made with organic fruits and vegetables and alkalizing grass juices (added by SF: I use Primal Fuel for my smoothies and Delicious Greens added in. I had not heard of Recharge before reading about it here, and I still believe Primal Fuel is more nutritious based on my research).
  • 1 c frozen organic blueberries
  • small piece of avocado - about 1/5 of a large avocado or 1/4 of a small one
  • 1 c coconut water, or 1/2 c filtered water and 1/2 c unsweetened almond milk (added by SF: I use So Delicious Coconut Milk and much prefer it to water or almond milk!)
  • juice of half of a lime
  • 4 ice cubes
  • sweeten to taste with raw honey
Blend in a blender until smooth and creamy. 

For anyone that is unfamiliar with Paleo, I highly suggest reading The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf as a jumping off point. It is a quick and enjoyable read that does a wonderful job of explaining the science behind the way of life. Also read over his website, Mark Sisson, who founded Primal Nutrition, Inc. where I buy Primal Fuel, has a great book entitled The Primal Blueprint as well as a great website, Mark's Daily Apple. Given that Gwyneth is such a public figure, I am hoping HOPING that she brings much-needed attention to how insane the food pyramid and standard nutritional government guidelines are. Maybe people will finally realize how ridiculous it is for food companies to brag about how much whole grain is in their products?? My fingers are crossed! 


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