Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Wait Is Over...

WOW!! Thanks for all the love, but it is crashing the website! {Not that I am complaining for a split second} Bear with us as we regroup...
{early bird sale still in the pipeline, we just have to get the glitches out so everything is PERFECT}


  1. I'm not seeing dimensions for length on your dresses, unless I'm missing it. Or could you share how tall you are for reference? The Elizabeth looks knee-length on you, a few inches above the knee on the brunette model, and finger tip length on the blonde model.

    Also, important question, are the side slits on the Gabby open? Because as tall as I am, if that's open, it's going to be more of a shirt than a dress on me.

  2. Hey Suzy! We are still working on the glitches. Happy problem to have - too many visitors! Some of the info is not showing, but the size guide will soon say that I am 5'3" the brunette is 5'8" and the blonde is 6'0" :) Gaby slits are open! xx

  3. I am a single mom helping two girls through college. I have $0 budget for me. But I dream of owning your clothes. Beautiful! If I had a line of clothing I'd want it to look just like yours! The inspiration you are as a real life, good hearted, loving woman comes to life in your fashion. I'm just in awe! xo

  4. Your new line is gorgeous! I want every piece!!

  5. that is great, just can't access your 2013 fashions...will try again later...hugs Z and congrats!

  6. I absolutely love your clothing brand/company. I also really really really like your ads, banners, slogans, and overall design of your site and blog. I'm currently studying Advertisement and PR in school right now, and I'm learning ALL about graphic design and creating creative, unique advertisements. And I have to say your ads are so creative and fresh. I just really enjoy and appreciate that part of your sites! It's not something everyone appreciates or swoons over.



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