Friday, February 1, 2013

Back to Business

What. A. Day! First, WOW. Overwhelmed with the traffic on the site. That is a screen shot of how many visitors were showing up per minute yesterday morning. Um, I die. 

I want to give you all a massive hug! 

Thank you for your patience as we continue to get things back on track and running smoothly. Due to the large volume of orders, items may not ship until Friday, February 8th. I know I know, how can you possibly wait that long for your goodies?! I wish I had the staff of J.Crew or DVF, but we only have a few sets of hands around here {and lots of the time they're holding babies} so we are working as quickly as we possibly can. Thank you, thank you, thank you for understanding. 

Side note I must share: My team and I were up at midnight working on the transition, I got back in bed at 4am, and was back up a few hours later to get ready for breakfast with Paul Ryan. Of course, the SF chaos morning comes when I have an opportunity I cannot possibly pass up! 

{Made for a fun, last minute HIWI snap shot}

I was blown away by his brilliance, his depth of knowledge on numerous topics, his kindness, but most of all his passion for helping the United States, and more importantly, compassion for Americans themselves and the need to get our country back on its feet. The people -- and the American dream -- make our nation great, after all. Kind of made me want to get into politics and work on the youth and women's vote...but for now, back to the business of brights.

By the way, how cute does this mama to be look in her Eloise Dress in Blue Ikat? Picture perfect!


  1. Wow! Paul Ryan! That must have been an incredible experience. I"m so happy for your success on the launch...can't wait to get my Melissa dress!!

  2. :-)) MASSIVE congrats to you and your team. Managed to get my 2013 wishlist down to five must have SF pieces. Thank goodness you don't offer payment plans! xx

    1. Only five?! I'll have to do better next year ;)))

  3. Lucky, lucky girl! And thank you for wearing COLOR when you go to meet a politician! So many girls wear dark suits. I went to meet Gov. Perry a couple years back. Everyone was in their darkest, most serious threads, but I wore white with splashes of color. Gotta say, I got serious attention! LOL LOL

  4. Hi Sheridan! Love the Paul Ryan photo! I never comment on blogs, but I just felt like I needed to say THANK YOU for blogging. Please don't stop. Reading The Southern Eclectic is like a breath of fresh air for me. You're always so positive, I admire how you juggle motherhood and your work (How do you do it!? I'd love to start-up an idea after grad school, but how does one successfully do both!?) but make God your priority. Your radiance shines through in so much that you do, including your line. I can't wait until I can afford a few pieces... after grad school!

    All the best,

  5. Lunch with Paul Ryan...amazing. Congratulations on your new collection and successes!

  6. Would you share what designer the cobalt dress is?



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