Friday, November 15, 2013

An Announcement.

As I'm sure any of you that regularly read my blog have noticed, my posts have gone from frequent to nearly none over the course of this year. I was posting 4-5 times a week in January, and if I have been able to get in three per month since this summer, well that was a good month! I know summer is always a busy time with kids + no school, but even into the fall, I haven't been able to pick it up again and get regular posting time back. With my clothing line, a husband, a four year old, two year old and one year old, three dogs, one cat and a fish...mama is worn slick. 

Nearly two years ago to the day, I wrote this post: To Work, Or Not To Work? It essentially outlined my struggle - my never ending struggle - with the nonexistent work/mother balance. The stresses of overseas production were breaking me, I was sacrificing time with my children in order to keep the business going, I had ZERO time for myself, and I worried if I stopped working, my degrees would go to waste...I was in a tough spot and truly had no idea what to do. My husband always said that if I stopped working, I am such a do-er that I would simply do something else. I knew at that time, he was right. I would fill up my time to the brim with who knows what, just to be busy. That's just me! During the discussions we had about me stopping, I would be in tears within minutes at the idea of quitting, and I just knew that although it was trying, two years ago was not the right time to pause. 

I have had a change of heart, and now want nothing more than to be with my babies. Over the past two years since I first wrote that post, I thought, what have I gained and what have I lost? More business success, check. I lost tons of sleep, time with my husband, time with my children...time with the only things that matter that I will NEVER be able to get back. Who cares if I sold more tunics? My kids sure don't.  I thought...I'm working for....what? Really, to what end goal? I've never seen a hurst pulling a U-Haul. What I gain from work can't truly fulfill me. My family and really our great God above are the only ones that have that ability. Don't get me wrong, the past four years of doing this have been TONS of fun, extremely challenging, have pushed me further than I ever knew I could go creatively and I have learned a tremendous amount...but there are simply more important things in life than work. I knew I would never look back and say man, I really wish I would have worked more hours! Nope. 

Beginning to look at kindergarten for Squish really caused the whole "time flies" thing to hit me smack between the eyes. Wasn't he just born last week? It feels like it. I hardly remember Snooze's first year and kind of remember Munch's first birthday. Everything has just been one enormous blur and I am ready for things to slow down so I can focus on one thing alone: my family. This season of me being a mother to young children is SO SHORT. Ridiculously unbelievably short, and our time on this earth is such a GIFT...that I want to treasure it. I don't want to waste another single moment being in the office responding to emails and packing orders when I could be at the zoo or making hot chocolate and snuggling on the sofa watching a movie with my babies...while they'll still let me snuggle with them.

So, this will be my last season for the foreseeable future. Fall is on its way out and Resort is online currently, and although the next collection is completely designed and samples are in hand, it will be on hold for several years. I have not once regretted this decision since making it, and am so blessed that I am able to even have this as an option and stay home. As any mother knows, there are good days and bad days, great days and horrible days, but I don't want to miss ANY more of those days. I will have plenty of time to work when they're all in school if I decide to start again, which will be here before I know it. In the scope of things, what's a measly 5 years of sacrificing a dream I had before I had a family, to now living the dream I always wanted? Truth be told, it was an easy decision once I grew up enough to make it. 

I am also going to take a blogging break so that there is not a single thing on my mental to-do list that will take away from family life for the time being. I don't know if the blog pause will be as long as the work pause {I assume not, but who knows} -- but for now, I am going into 100% wife and mommy mode. And I could not be happier or more excited about it. 

My last day at the office will be November 29, so over the coming two weeks I will be having some crazy awesome Instagram sales {@sheridanfrench} to push through remaining Fall inventory. Make sure to tune in for those! Resort is already super low so most likely I won't have any available to sell on Instagram {if there's a piece you have been eyeing, get it now!} You all have been amazing, supportive, and allowed this teeny little blog I started to turn into such a wonderful community. THANK YOU for being so incredible! This is not good bye, but rather, I'll see you later...

Oh, and one more thing...I'm 20 weeks along with Baby French #4! Yes, that may have slightly factored into the decision to hit the pause button as well :))) A quick scrapbook of the past few months before I sign off...

{6 weeks along}

{8 weeks}

{Soon to be big brother!}

{Always the princess...}

{NARS multiples have so many uses}

{10 weeks}

{WISH I had her hair!!!}

{16 weeks}

{17 weeks} 

{this is how she went to joke...and woke up with it still on her head}

{18 weeks}

{19 weeks along...wearing a dress that would have been in Spring 2014...le sigh}

{LOVE spending time with my great girlfriends after so many years of not prioritizing that}

{Though I forgot how weird some are...}

{Though truth be told, we're a match made in heaven as sometimes a girl just can't HELP herself in the DQ drive thru belting out some good ol' Miley!! Wrecking ball, for anyone wondering. Too good.}

Until next time...



  1. Congratulations on baby French #4!!! Your kids are just too cute. I have followed your blog for years now and wish nothing but the best for you and your family! I have truly enjoyed your blog and clothing line! So here's to the future, may God bless you!

  2. Sheridan, first CONGRATULATIONS on you new little bundle!!!!!! I am so happy for you and your family. It sounds like you are at peace. That is wonderful! Enjoy those babies!!!! It is so true, you are going to blink and they will be all grown up. Big hugs and all the best!

    PS...Hope you will let us know if baby 4 is a boy or girl. ;)

  3. clap. clap. clap. clAP. clAP. cLAP. cLAP. CLAP.CLAP.CLAP.CLAP.CLAP.CLAP....bravo sweet Sheridan. You have done well. Such an inspiration to me and so many others out there. So grateful and now I am going to go look back at those photos of those precious babes and belly shots once more! xo- Morgan

  4. I just want to thank you! You gave me the courage to press the publish button on a blog post that I have been wanting to post for so long.

    I am so happy for you and your family. I am sure you will use your talent in other ways while you raise your children. I think you made an amazing decision and you will never forget these memories you make with your beautiful family. Good luck and congrats on your 4th baby coming soon!

  5. I am SOOO happy for you!!! I have been a long time follower of yours, as well as a stay-at-home-mom to a 4 yr old ,2 yr old ,9 month old, (contemplating when for the 4th!) You won't regret it!! :) Congratulations to you and your beautiful family!

  6. no regrets. what a full heart.
    congratulations my dear!!

  7. Of all your posts, this is the only one that I found infuriating. Ironically, it's probably one of the least polarizing posts on this blog... unless you're a working Mom who prays she can one day make the "choice" to be a full-time mother to her beautiful children.

  8. So bittersweet - all the best to you! I hope you'll keep instagramming pictures because I enjoy following you and being inspired by your funky cool style (and more and more your daughter's funky cool style!).

  9. Congratulations, Sheridan! That is wonderful news. What a beautiful and thoughtful blog post. I to am a working mommy (full time partner in a law firm) and have been tuning in to your blog for some time for support, beauty, and inspiration. My very favorite post, which incidentally was an enormous inspiration to me, was your post on the importance of breast feeding. I was fortunate enough to be able to breastfeed my daughter (who is now 13 1/2 months) up to the age of one year. I struggled to come back to work, but did not want to give up a career I had put so much effort into, and which I found truly satisfying. I came back at 3 months and cried daily, sometimes hourly, about leaving my baby at home with our nanny. Over the months, I have grown accustomed to the separation, and the nanny is a part of our family now and she loves our little angel. Up until a month ago, I pumped in the morning and afternoons, and drove home every day at lunch to feed my sweet girl. We cuddled and hugged and I was okay to come back to work for another few hours.

    I would, in a heartbeat, take a year or four off and be with my little girl every day! I am torn because in my profession, I know I could never come back to the place that I am. I think it helps me to know that I only have one baby at home and that she loves her sweet nanny and the nanny loves her. But your post is so timely, because I know that I will never get the hours back that I spend at work. And I would much rather be home with my sweet girl, helping her learn to talk, encouraging the first steps, making muffins, even changing dirty diapers. It is a daily struggle. I can honestly say that if I was in your shoes, I would do exactly as you have chosen to do. Walk away and love your babies. You are so blessed to have three angels and another one on the way! I love my life and am so incredibly blessed with a career, husband, beautiful daughter, comfortable lifestyle and beautiful things. But you, my dear, have a beautiful life - cherish it and best of luck to you and your gorgeous family!

    Come back to see us soon...there are many readers who anxiously await your beautiful posts and who find it inspiring (and fun) to read! XOXO

  10. Sad to not read your words or see your gorgeous clothes and darling family, but as one sister in Christ to another...big hugs! I went through a similar soul-searching process after a long season of pure insanity and my young little family (8 year old and twin 5 year-olds) being put on the back burner. I put a line in the sand in June and decided as you family is my #1 mission field and I am sick of not prioritizing that. I am here to tell you I have not for one single second regretted it! I am more joy-filled than I have been in a long time. My hubs looked at me last week and said, "everything is just better now." Sweet encouragement. We will miss you...and congrats on #4!!!

  11. Sheridan,

    I'm an interior designer and made the same decision about 6 months ago. I still sometimes struggle with it and reading this post just helped me feel more at peace with my choice. I'm so happy for you that you've found your own recipe for true fulfillment. Your blog has been a joy to read. When I discovered it I almost felt like I'd found a kindred spirit: a conservative, kombucha-drinking, health conscious, food loving, natural birth-giving mama who loves fashion and decorating with a combination of bright colors and taxidermy. :) ha! (In fact I was just searching the school directory for my son's classmate info and came across your name so it turns out we're in the same neighborhood...small world!)

    I remember wanting to comment back when you published your political post after the election. I was thankful you had the guts to post it, but more important, knowing that a clothing designer held those conservative views was comforting to me in a time when being liberal is so en vogue, especially in the design industry. Dennis Prager recently published an article about the importance of articulating conservative values to your children and it made me think of some of your posts and children's book suggestions. With this crazy path our country is going down I think being a mother like you is one of the most important jobs today!

    Congratulations, on your soon-to-be 4th and realizing your dream. Thank you for all your inspiration and great posts. Best wishes to you on all your adventures, big and small, with your beautiful, blessed family. Your husband and children are very lucky to have you. :)

  12. Congratulations Sheridan….and thank you. I started following your blog just over a year ago and just after I had my baby #1. I was a hot mess and knee deep in new motherhood as well as a radiology residency….a recipe for exhaustion. Your posts made me laugh and provoked me to think. You inspired me to put on some lipstick and be fabulous and smart AND the best mother I can be. I admire your dedication to your family over everything else. Best wishes for the next chapter in your life. I'm sure everyone will be anxiously awaiting your return to both blogging and designing. Until then :)

  13. I love your blog, and will miss it!! Any chance you could just throw in a HIWI every so often??? ;) congrats, and don't look back...

  14. Congratulations, Sheridan. Such a great decision. I struggle like the lawyer above and hope one day I won't regret making my current choice. Funny timing though, earlier this month I decided to phase out the decorative antlers. It just isn't worth it. Takes time away from the children and PTA (which really ramps up the older they get). Those things are what are important as you so eloquently acknowledged above. xoxo, Ashley (

  15. Congrats! That's awesome - I'm really excited for you!

  16. I will miss your blog! Congrats on your decision and baby #4!!!! Stay blessed and happy :-)

  17. So very happy for you! Congrats on baby #4. I'll continue to check the blog periodically...I love your posts!

  18. Enjoy your beautiful family!

  19. When your posts slowed down, I just kind of had a feeling that there might be baby #4! Congratulations!!! I have loved following your posts most of all! I hope you'll return to it when you have spare moments, but I think it's wonderful that you're able to take this time with your family. Those beautiful babies need you more than we do. But for what it's worth, thank you for sharing your passion for all the things you truly believe in, your sense of humor, and your honest struggles with the rest of us. I took so much heart from some of your staunch political posts, and Sheridan, I'll be honest, as a young mom, it was nice to read sometimes that someone as lovely and put-together as you has struggles and worries just like every other woman or mom! Your blog has been a treasure and my absolute favorite of all time. I swear I catch myself using words like "heartsies" and "eleventy-billion" entirely because I read them here first. Hmm, thanks for that? =) Anyway, good luck with everything and have fun!!


  20. I will miss your blog! You raise your children much how I do mine and I always loved what you had to share! I think we live in such a fast paced world that time truly flies. We find ourselves so busy that we blink and find another year gone. Think of you, me, …all of us that read this blog - you spend way more time as an adult in life. Those years of being 1 or 3 are QUICK and you can never go back be 1 or 3 again. So, I say celebrate these years of being together and enjoy the current age on each precious baby. Are some days going to be rough and make you question your sanity?! YES! However, overall when you look back at this time you will be thankful. As the wise Dr. Seuss says "Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened!" That is how you can get think of your time as a kick ass clothes designer and blogger. I have no doubt you will be back at it in a few years and I look forward to your return! Enjoy all those days ahead. Because today is really all we've got.

  21. Beautiful inside and out, best in your new adventures!

  22. Yay you!! Congrats on #4 and your decision. Life is long (hopefully!), you are young and work in one form or another will always be there if you're interested. Enjoy your babies . . . who will become kids and will be full of even more fun & surprises! I recently made a similar decision to cut back on work and the only regret I have is that I waited so long. :)

  23. So glad you're happy with your decision! Also glad to see that, like I did, you showed almost immediately with #4! No hiding it, right? God bless!

  24. Just enjoy! They grow up way too fast. You will love being there for all they do. Precious children and good luck with #4!
    gameday dresses

  25. Just please keep blogging!

  26. Oh, dear Sheridan, May good fortune rule over you. Peace live in your heart. And the stars watch over you and your delightful family. God Bless!! franki

  27. Way to go Sheridan! Such am awesome choice to be able to make -- your kids will always remember that mommy spent lots of time with them. My mom was able to work part time growing up and be home in the summer (as a teacher) and I really appreciate all the time I got to spend with her. You don't need any luck, just some more baby wipes probably for that adorable kiddo that will come next! Have fun and enjoy your time with your family!

  28. This is the quote that caused me to "pause" my career:

    "But the biggest mistake I made is the one that most of us make while doing this. I did not live in the moment enough. This is particularly clear now that the moment is gone, captured only in photographs. There is one picture of the three of them sitting in the grass on a quilt in the shadow of the swing set on a summer day, ages 6, 4 and 1. And I wish I could remember what we ate, and what we talked bout, and how they sounded, and how they looked when they slept that night. I wish I had not been in such a hurry to get on to the next thing: dinner, bath, book, bed. I wish I had treasured the doing a little more and the getting it done a little less."

    God bless, Sheridan.

  29. Sending a BIG hug and best wishes for the pregnancy! Go Sheridan!!
    Thank you for insight, humor and beauty in your blog and collection.
    I admire and love your decision and part of me wishes I could do the same.
    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  30. Yay! I am thrilled for you!! You'll never look back and say you wish you'd spent less time with your babies. I am astonished at how fast my little ones are growing too! This post was so beautifully written and I'm so very happy for you! xo, Julia

  31. Hi Sheridan,

    First of all congratulations on your new baby news, an exciting time for you and your family! I have loved your blog right from the start and although I will be sorry to see it go I am so glad I had the opportunity to follow you along on your journey up until this point. You have amazing style and you have inspired me on many an occasion over the years! I would love, and I will try to get my hands on one of your pieces. Your family are adorable I wish you all the best for the future.

    Sending lots of love from Scotland,uk
    Erin x

  32. congrats beautiful mama! while i know that decision was tough, i am so happy and excited for u to soak up all those cuddles and giggles to come. you are glowing!

  33. Congratulations Sheridan!!! Amazingly we are both pregnant with the same timing ...I am due April 10 and 22 weeks along today I think....(((: but I am on my number 2 only and significantly older than you too!
    I think about things you mentioned ( the time, the family, the speed in which all move forward and what is most important) all the time as it keeps harboring in the back of my mind. And my biggest dream came true be the mom to my little boy and spend all my time with him and my husband (when he is not at work) and I won't have it another way...I only style very rarely a fashion show or event here and there...taking a day or 2 at work and I also bring my son for most part of it ... but really don't want to work and be away. Just baked a delish banana bread for him for tomorrow snack after his mini basketball class in the morning and I could not be more fulfilled. All the best with everything and enjoy the precious moments that "as you say" never come back.
    big hug Z

  34. Dying to know what you named your baby. Please come share on nameberry!


    1. What's your email?? I'll write you! Xx

  35. Miss your lovely posts, your insights, opinions, and photos of your sweet, sweet wee ones!
    - won't you post an update for us?

    Either way, best warm wishes - found your blog through Erin Gates's post, have greatly enjoyed...
    ...did I already say I miss your posts? :-)

    DeAdora at g



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